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We connect busy parents with a
Community of quality kids entertainers..

The Problems

As we see them..



Most entertainers don't have the time to market themselves.


Scheduling and Payments
The average entertainer spends 7 hours per week on administration.


Growing your business as a solo entertainer is difficult.

Party Planners


It's challenging to find entertainers you can trust to show up.


Parents need a quick and easy solution to book quality entertainment.


Parents don't always get matched with the best entertainers for their party.

The Solution

So easy your Child could do it in less than 5 minutes. But please don't let them.
Save Time
You are in full control of your booking and can make changes, cancel, refund yourself or chat directly.
Make Money
You are in full control of your booking and can make changes, cancel, refund yourself or chat directly.
Reduce Uncertainty
You are in full control of your booking and can make changes, cancel, refund yourself or chat directly.

"A digital marketplace connecting party planners with our community of entertainers."

Market Size

Total Addressable Market (US)


Children's Birthday party industry in the United States. (2022)


Estimated entertainers operating in the United States. (2022)


The average kids party cost in the US. (2022)

Our Business Model

We take a 25% commission on each booking.

Est Bookings

Estimated party bookings made through the Yombu marketplace in the US (2023)

Average Fee

Average basket size of $300 per booking.

Est Revenue

Our projected revenue in 2023 from 40 Cities in the US.


Our main competitors in the US
Thumbtack Icon Yombu Kids Entertainer Marketplace
A horizontal pay per inquiry lead-gen marketplace, offering 100's of services around the World. Thumbtack charges multiple providers a fee to bid on client inquiries, a business model that we believe doesn't serve the providers.
Gig Salad Icon Yombu Kids Entertainer Marketplace
A lead-gen platform designed to help event planners match with potential providers. Although more horizontal (listing a variety of industries) than Yombu we see them as our primary competition in the US.
Bark Logo Yombo Kids Entertainer Marketplace
Similar to Thumbtack, Bark is a lead-gen marketplace that charges multiple providers an "introduction" fee to bid on client inquiries. A subpar experience for suppliers and clients as booking can take a few days on their platform.

Competitive Advantages

We believe that there is a gap in the market for a vertical kids party entertainment platform built specifically for the parents using it and the entertainers working on it.

Designed for entertainers:
Yombu is a marketplace built specifically for kids party entertainers and designed to make the lives of the suppliers working on it as easy as possible by handling the client inquiries, payment and scheduling and creating an Uber-like experience where suppliers simply click yes or no on our app to accept a booking.

A standard service for parents:
By carefully vetting our suppliers during onboarding and helping them up-skill their services as we work with them, Yombu provides a high standard of quality entertainment that clients can trust. We believe that hiring a party entertainer and inviting them into your house to spend time with your Children is a unique service and requires a specific solution that can't be met by a one-size-fits-all multi industry marketplace.

Unlike our competitors in the US we aim to encourage connections between our providers and are building a community of entertainers. We think that long term success and a defendable business goes hand-in-hand with network effects and community building.

Although Yombu is an online marketplace working with entertainers already in the industry. An agency model that allows our service providers to work under our brand and use our branding helps will help build community and provide our clients with a uniformity that will builds trust and our brand in the long term.

A large part of our long-term strategy is to create a platform that allows clients to book everything that they need for their Children's party in one simple checkout.

The Team Behind Yombu

The movers and makers bringing awesome entertainment to kids parties globally.
Rose Novotny the Yombu Entertainment Team
Rose Novotny (CEO)
Seth Van Oudtshoorn Yombu Kids Party Entertainers
Seth Van Oudtshoorn (CTO)

Chanel the Yombu Entertainment Team
Chanel (CMO)
Arpita Thakar the Yombu Entertainment Team
Arpita Thakar (Lead Dev)
David Hasselhof Yombu Event Entertainers
David Hasselhoff
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Who We Are Yombu Kids Party Entertainers

Road Map

2023 - Marketplace launched and delivering services in 40 Cities in the US.
2024 - Expansion of party services offered on our marketplace and launch in Canada.
2025 - Launch of bundled services and multi-service bookings, roll out of new branches in Australia and the UK.
2026 - Launch of Yombu in the Middle East and Europe.