Biometric systems for family entertainment centers (FECs)

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At Yombu, we have worked to perfect our biometric payment system that allows customers to pay without the need for any card, phone, or other physical device. It is a service that could seemingly be used to pay for anything at point of sale (POS), but there are some spaces where Yombu is particularly effective. One area where the Yombu system excels is at Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)-indoor amusement parks, family fun centers, playhouses, trampoline parks, and similar facilities. At FECs, Yombu's biometric system includes functionality extending across not only payments, but also liability waiver verification at customer check in.

How does the Yombu system work at an FEC? As with other facilities, the system links customers' credit cards to their respective fingerprints, allowing them to pay without having to pull out a wallet. That is a benefit in and of itself, but what is particularly special in this case is how Yombu works with FECs' use of liability waivers. At FECs, parents are usually required to sign a waiver on behalf of their child. This measure is due to the possibility of physical injury-if, for example, someone is hurt at a trampoline park, the park does not want to be held liable.

Although the waiver system is something that customers are accustomed to seeing at FECs, it can also be cumbersome-while parents are not required to sign a new waiver every time they visit, businesses do need to verify that the parents have signed a waiver at some point in the past. This means that employees need to search for waivers on file by looking up the parents' information, generally the last name. This process may seem trivial, but compounded over and over on a busy day, it represents a considerable loss of time and efficiency.

How does Yombu fit into the issue of liability waivers at FECs? In addition to acting as a payment system, linking a credit card to a fingerprint, Yombu's software is able to link a parent's fingerprint to their waiver at their first visit to a given FEC location. At future visits, this person will be able to verify that they have a signed waiver on file and simultaneously pay, all by fingerprint. By leveraging the latest biometric technology, Yombu speeds up the check-in and payment process, which increases customer satisfaction and makes families more eager to return.

Trampoline parks are a good example of an FEC requiring a waiver system

In addition to increasing efficiency, using Yombu adds an additional security measure for FECs by clearly assigning the waiver to a specific user. By linking the waiver to a fingerprint on file, Yombu provides bona fide evidence that the person signing the waiver is who they say they are. This is appealing to FEC facility owners (or corporate entities) because it can help mitigate their liability and/or reduce their insurance premiums-in the event of a lawsuit, the FEC facility can more accurately prove that a given individual signed a waiver. Moreover, Yombu helps FEC owners to increase revenue by speeding up their queues via biometric payment and waiver verification at the front desk.

In this article, we have covered some of the benefits that using a biometric payment and waiver management system like Yombu's can represent for an FEC. First of all, there is the value of efficiency: for customers, especially families, it is much more convenient to have the easy, manageable check-in experience that using Yombu provides. It is mutually beneficial for customers and FECs, because families will want to come back to a play space where they do not have to wait in line for an hour to enter; and if a business can speed up its check-in time, it will be able to enhance revenue. Additionally, there is a security benefit for FEC owners; with Yombu, it is possible to more accurately know which customers already have a signed liability waiver on file. At Yombu, we have had great success working with FECs, and look forward to helping other facilities make their check-in experiences more secure and efficient.

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