Yombu partner spotlight: Scramble Indoor Play

Scramble is a Yombu partner enrolled in Yombu's biometric authentication services for waiver management and payments. Dan Klodowski, Business Intelligence Manager at Yombu, sat down for a Q&A with Laurence Smallman, owner of Scramble.

Photo of Laurence Smallman, owner of Scramble Indoor Play

Can you tell us about Scramble?

Scramble is a European-style indoor play center. Indoor play at Scramble provides physical play and cognitive play. Physical play has two components. The first is gross motor skills, which are larger movements that help develop strength and body mass. The second is fine motor skills, which are careful movements that improve control.

Cognitive play is essential for developing our minds. Cognitive play has four components: creative, imaginative, social, and storytelling or narrative play. Infants start at the creative and imaginative levels and develop into the social and storytelling play as they grow older. Even adults need to practice these different types of play! Scramble does cognitive play really well. Scramble is the only play system of its type in the US; it is designed and constructed in the UK by one of the leading manufacturers in the world. No one else in the US does cognitive play in the same way as Scramble. We also have a fantastic cafe and bookstore. We host birthday parties as well.

Can you describe your customer entry process prior to working with Yombu?

We had a standard approach to welcoming customers into our facility. We asked them to use iPads with a waiver software by a 3rd party. The waiver was generated by Scramble and managed by the 3rd party waiver company. On completion of the waiver, the customer would go to the reception desk to verify they signed a waiver. Then the customer would also pay for entry to the facility; our POS system is Clover.

Were there any pain points with this process?

One of the challenges we identified quickly is that it was very easy for some of our guests to circumvent the system. They used a name different from their real name or they combined names on a waiver. For example, a woman would bring kids to Scramble and say she was the mother of the kids, but she was actually the sister. Meanwhile, the sister hadn't signed a waiver-only the mother had signed it. We had a system, and we made the best of it. But it wasn't foolproof, and there were ways to exploit it.

Why did you decide to use Yombu biometric technology for your waiver management and payments?

Yombu makes each signed waiver unique to each person because the finger scan is unique to that person. If you signed a waiver, we know for sure that you did. So we streamlined the process of authenticating proof of a signed waiver and made it more secure. Further, each guest needs to go through the waiver signing process only once, and for subsequent visits to Scramble guests can authenticate with their biometric data. This is functionally that is important to me. I can verify that every person in the facility signed a waiver.

The waiver is crucial because we encourage our parents to supervise their kids in an unstructured way. For this reason, only adults with children can come into the facility. Yombu provides a visible deterrent for authorized guests entering the facility-we know if you authenticated and checked-in children at reception. Yombu provides us with one of the most secure systems at a fraction of the price of other systems. Yombu is operating today at Scramble where, on some days, we get 1,000 visitors.

How did you originally get involved with Yombu?

Initially, I was recommended Yombu as a rewards program with a straightforward process of using the finger to pay. I was attracted to that because I have seen a number of parents coming to pay, and I thought they would benefit from this. Often they have a toddler in one arm and they search around in their handbag or wallet for their credit card. It seemed a little challenging to do with one hand. The introduction of Yombu's biometric payment service, particularly at the Cafe where we have a lot of repeat business, seemed like a really great way to allow people to pay conveniently. After a couple of discussions with Joe [Falit, Yombu's CEO] and Mike [Waychowsky, Yombu's head of sales], I decided to implement Yombu's entry system relying on biometrics to create a more secure and efficient entry and waiver system

How has Yombu impacted your business at Scramble?

We have many parents that really like the extra security the system offers; they understand how much more secure we are and appreciate that we have a state-of-the-art system. We are also seeing much smoother entry for our repeat customers, whether on entry where the difference is amazing, or for cafe payment where only the finger and pin are needed. This reaffirms our view that Yombu is a market leader and embraces new ideas out there that work.

Do you think Yombu can provide value in other settings in the Family Entertainment Center space?

I really do actually. Any facility that has guests of child age would benefit from the level of security that a finger scan provides. Yombu isn't just a smoke and mirrors system-it really does have benefits in it. The speed of entry into the facility-in my opinion-Yombu reduces the entrance time. In the past, we had to look up each customer's waiver by last name, check the date on which they signed it, and used multiple screens from multiple devices. Now we have one system. We are looking forward to the integration with Clover as well, when it becomes available. We think Yombu is a great addition to any facility that wants to provide security to their guests.

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