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Welcome to our exciting section all about kids party entertainment! Here, we dive into the world of captivating performances, engaging activities, and unforgettable experiences that will make your little one's celebration truly remarkable. Discover tips, trends, and ideas that will help you choose the perfect entertainment options that align with your party theme and create lasting memories for both the children and their parents.

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Kids Party Characters: Bringing the Magic

Sep. 21, 2023
Unleash the Magic at your Event! Discover the Enchanting World of Kids Party Characters and Mascots for Unforgettable Birthday Adventures!


Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids: Best and Worst Paints

Apr. 21, 2023
Get creative with total peace of mind with our Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids and a guide on the safest paints to use.


Christmas Party Games

Apr. 21, 2023
Get ready for a festive holiday with Yombu's 15 top Christmas Party Games that you can play at home, at school or at church.


Face Painting for Mummies – A Parents Guide to Face-painting

Feb. 05, 2023
Whether you are a Novice or a seasoned PRO, this article is for you. It's choc-a-block full of tips and ideas and how to's for face-painters.


Best Indoor and Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids

Jan. 26, 2023
Come winter or summer, our list of the Best Indoor and Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids means you never fear a party again!


Kids Party Games for All Group Sizes

Jan. 25, 2023
Whether your party is small or large, you'll find something to keep them busy from our list of Kids Party Games for All Group Sizes.


Best Indoor Games for Kids for All Occasions

Jan. 18, 2023
Having an indoor party? You can still keep them busy, with our Best Indoor Party Games for Kids for all Occasions.


Balloon Games for Kids

Dec. 30, 2022
Everyone loves balloons! So, what's better for a Kids Party than some Balloon Games for Kids? Here is how to play them and rock it Yombu style.


Face Painting Kit For Beginners

Dec. 05, 2022
All's colorful with our guide on face painting kits for beginners - curious to learn more about this unassuming art form? We'll show you how!


Balloon Art Ideas: What You Can Do

Nov. 29, 2022
Balloon art is a form of entertainment that has progressed significantly. Learn more about how you can use this versatile item at your event.

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