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Balloon Art

You've probably often heard of balloon sculptors, balloon twisters, balloon benders and balloon artists. These are all names for talented folks who can make various shapes out of an ordinary balloon. It has grown from a Native American ritual to a modern must-have that brings color and pizazz to your party. They can be adapted to any theme, making it a versatile decorative item for your event.

Balloon Games for Kids

Unless tied to a string, balloons are elusive objects, easily moved about by the wind and difficult to perform any sort of movement with. This makes it a great object to create games around. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor games that children can play at your event.

Balloon Art

Discover what balloon art is, where it originated, and various forms of this creative outlet, including balloon drawing, sculptures and a famous artist who made balloons a piece of art history.

Balloon Twisting

We make balloon twisting accessible with knowledgeable tips and tricks on how to curve, twist and loop a balloon, how much air pressure to apply, as well as the type of balloons needed and examples on how to make hearts, dogs and butterflies.

Party Games

Classic party games never go out of style. Musical chairs, pass the parcel, egg and spoon and other nostalgic favorites stand the test of time to entertain at your event! We know a thing or three about how to make party games work for your party vision. Check out our ideas!

Kids Party Games

Stumped on how to keep them busy? We will make it super easy with party game ideas for both small and large groups, plus some professional contacts who can coordinate them all for you!

Birthday Party Games for Kids

Whether you've chosen to host your child's birthday at home or at a party venue, you need not worry about the weather. We have a list of indoor and outdoor games that can be adapted to any type of venue.

Kids Games for Christmas

Games are a wonderful addition to a Christmas party and can be adapted to your theme. We've provided a wonderful list of popular games like Minute to Win It and Ring Toss and given them a Christmas twist!

Disney Games for Kids

Both boys and girls will love our list of Disney games - we incorporate Cars, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine and more.

Kids Indoor Party Games

Hosting a tea party, ice cream party, indoor pool party or a disco? There are so many games you can use that fit well into these themes and we have them here for you.


A colorful lick and a promise of fun, and it's face-painting time! This popular entertainment medium is not only a visually appealing option, but it also allows for the children to express their inner dreams and beloved characters in full kaleidoscope with our talented face-painting artist.


It definitely isn't as easy as selecting any paint and swiping away - then everyone would be doing it. Follow our guide on the different types of face-paint available, how they work, and when it's best to use them.

Face-painting Ideas

Much like a master painting in an art gallery, if you have the right tools, you can create a masterpiece right on someone's cheeks. We'll outline some fantastic face-painting ideas for boys and girls, kids and teens to ensure they enjoy their favorite characters, animals or fantasy creatures on their face.

Face-painting Kits

Face-painting kits have many elements and it can be hard to know what to use, how and when. Learn what to apply to skin before painting, as well as the parts of a face-painting kit, with alternative options.

Easy Face-painting

Don't want to hire a pro? You can DIY! And it can look fabulous. Just follow our advice on some easy face-painting techniques and everyone will be applauding!


Face-painting for Mummies

The ultimate guide to face-painting for parents that are thinking of hiring an entertainer for their party. Complete with tips, tricks and info if you decide to DIY.


A magical party is not only down to the glitter and gold - you can have real magic at your event with kids magicians and eye-popping tricks. Hiring a professional is the way to go, but first let's get you some insider knowledge into how all of this wonderment works.

Magic Tricks for Kids

Who isn't fascinated by magic? We are! And we will share with you the inner secrets of some of the most famous and daring magic tricks that absolutely defy logic. Wouldn't you love to know?
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