7 Easy Face-painting Ideas for Beginners

7 Easy Face-painting Ideas for Beginners by Yombu
Yombu Post Author Rose Novotny

Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  November 17, 2023

Hey party person.. The one question that I constantly get asked is: “what are the easy face-paint ideas that are quick to learn for beginners?”. Well today you are in luck, we are going over the easy, fast and simple designs that you can pick up quickly to get your face-painting journey started. The simple face-painting designs we are going to cover are:

  1. An Easy Flower Design
  2. Pirate Simple Face-paint
  3. Batman Beginners Face-paint
  4. Easy Butterfly Design
  5. Lion Beginners Face-paint
  6. Dinosaur Easy Face-paint Design
  7. Halloween Face-painting Idea for Beginners

Over the last 8 years I have been involved in personally training 100’s of face-painters and with that experience you get to learn a couple tricks of the trade. Here are a some things I think are important for beginners to keep in mind that will make the learning experience much easier.

Beginners Face-painting Tips

  • Use quality paints and brushes – You might be tempted to only invest in quality brushes and face-paint once you have learnt the basics. But I can promise you that practising with sub standard paint and brushes will make it 10x harder to learn the basics.
  • Practise on people – It’s ok to start off with practising the designs on a mannequin, paper or your arm.. But there is no substitute for the real deal and practising on a squirmy, sometimes impatient child be just what you need to prepare for what it’s going to be like.
  • Be patient – Most importantly be patient. It’s going to take time to learn how to face-paint and even longer to learn how to be fast and efficient so you can offer your services at parties and events. So don’t quit and give yourself plenty of time to get good.

Now that we have covered some basics tips on face-painting for beginners let’s jump into the 7 designs that I would recommend you start with when learning to face-paint. I have included links to some simple videos that you can also use as face-painting tutorials. The designs below are listed in order of simplicity, with number 1 being the simplest design you can learn and 7 being the most complex.

1. An Easy Flower Design

I always start off by teaching our trainees a simple flower design. Why is this is our starting place when learning to face-paint? The petals are a beginners technique that is important to learn and that you will use a lot later on. It’s also easy to practise on your arm and really the best design for a beginner to learn.

2. Simple Pirate Face-paint Design

Next up is the easy Pirate face-painting design. I love the Pirate face-paint for beginners as it’s an easy win and one that you can learn in a short amount of time which helps to boost your confidence. Besides being very popular at kids parties it’s the perfect entry level face-painting design. Check out the video below for a good tutorial.

3. Beginners Batman Design

I love the simplicity of the Batman design, it’s easy for beginners to learn and the perfect next step on your face-painting journey. Below is a link to my personal favourite face-painting tutorial and you should find it easy to follow along with.

7 Easy Face-painting Ideas for Beginners Yombu Events
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4. A Simple Butterfly Design

Like most of the face-painting designs that I teach there are varying levels of intricacy to them. The butterfly is an easy one to simplify for beginners, but once you have the basics down you can very easily make it a lot more extravagant by adding complexity to the wings. Below is a good butterfly tutorial video for beginners.

Lion Face-paint by Yombu

5. Lion Face-painting Design for Beginners

This Lion face-painting design is multi-use and can be very easily adapted to be a Tiger, Panther and even a cat. It’s great for beginners as it adds a few designs to your face-painting repertoire once you learn it. I personally use the video below when teaching beginners so you should find it quite helpful.

Dino Face-painting by Yombu Events

6. Easy Dinosaur Face-paint Design

Moving on to slightly more advanced face-painting designs the Dinosaur is next on our list for beginners. I find that it takes a bit more practise to get it right, but the end result is worth it. The video below is also one that I use when training new face-painters.

7. Beginners Halloween Face-painting

We don’t generally teach beginners Halloween designs, but I know that a lot of searches about easy face-painting to learn is based around Halloween. So I am including this easy design for all of you DIY Mum’s that want to learn a quick and simple Halloween face-paint. See the video below:

There you have it.. My favourite easy face-painting designs for beginners, you should find these designs fun and simple to learn and a great way to start your face-painting journey. As I mentioned at the beginning.., don’t quit! Face-painting takes time to learn but it’s a wonderful and rewarding, artistic hobby that you will get a lot of joy out of and definitely worth the effort.

As a side note I recently started teaching my 14 year old daughter the basics of face-painting and it has been a fun bonding experience for both or us, it’s also a really great way for her to earn some extra pocket money and a wonderful outlet for her artistic abilities. If you are thinking of teaching your child to face-paint I can highly recommend it. You will also find the list above is the perfect if you are looking for easy face-paint ideas to teach kids.

Some Faqs I get asked:

What is the easiest thing to learn to face-paint?

Personally I find flowers the best starting point for beginners that want to learn to face-paint. As far as the easiest design to learn, it has to be simple County flags (Like Japan) or the Hulk who is basically just a green face with some angry eyebrows.

What is the best face-paint that won’t crack?

All of the quality face-painting brands like FX, Snazaroo and TAG provide professional face-paint that won’t crack. If the brand you are using cracks I would recommend not using it on Children’s faces. You should only paint with hypoallergenic paints with are non-toxic.

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    1. Kath

      Great tips thank you.. What would you recommend for a cheap face-painting kit? The ones I am finding on Amazon either look cheap or are out of my budget

    2. Nikki

      Face painting is always a huge hit at any event we go to with the kids, and the lines are always insane, so it’s great to know that we can do it beforehand with a little practice and save ourselves the impatience! I like that you have ideas that are geared towards boys and girls, as well as several that anyone could wear. And I appreciate the recommendations for paint so we buy the right items!