Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids: Best and Worst Paints

Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids: Best and Worst Paints by Yombu
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Get ready to unleash your inner artist and transform your little ones into their favorite characters with our easy face-painting ideas for kids! Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a school event, or just a fun afternoon at home, face painting is a fantastic way to spark their imagination and bring their favorite stories to life.

But hold on tight! Before you dip those brushes in the paint, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind. We’ll show you how to keep it safe and fun, with tips and tricks to make it a party to remember. So, let’s get started, and let the face-painting extravaganza begin.

Why is Face Painting Good for Kids?

Face painting is a super-fun way for kids to express themselves creatively while boosting their cognitive and motor development. Studies show that artistic activities like face painting can improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and emotional well-being. By experimenting with different designs and colors, kids can unleash their imagination and develop a sense of individuality. So, with brushes, sponges, and colors so bright, let’s paint some faces, oh, what a delight!

Best Face Paints for Kids

When it comes to face painting, using toxin-free paints is not only safer for kids but also helps unleash their creativity without any harmful effects. So, parents and kids, please see our Yombu-approved face paints below that will leave you feeling confident and excited about using these toxin-free face paints in your next creative adventure.

Natural Face Paints

Fun and safe alternatives that are free of harsh chemicals and irritants, you just can’t go wrong with natural face paints! Made with ingredients like plant extracts, clay, and natural dyes, natural face paints offer a safe way for kids to express themselves artistically. With a wide range of colors and textures to choose from, natural face paint provides a safe and eco-friendly way for parents and kids to enjoy the magic of face painting.

Professional Face paints

Professional face paint is the secret to creating mind-blowing designs that will leave your kids amazed. With a range of intense colors and high-quality ingredients, professional face paint allows you to unleash your inner artist and create stunning looks that will make your kids feel like superheroes, fairies, or any other characters they can imagine! Some amazing brand examples are TAG Body Art, Kryvaline, and Global Body Art.

Easy face painting ideas for kids Yombu
A toxin-free face is a happy face!
Animal stencils
Easy face painting ideas for kids Yombu
Step by step designs

Go Green Face Paint

Go Green is not only hypo-allergenic, vegan, and organic, but in terms of safety, is the top-ranked face paint on the market!  It’s the perfect choice for parents who want vibrant colors and easy-to-use formulas that won’t harm their kids’ skin or the planet. Plus, by choosing Go Green, you’re promoting sustainability and protecting your child’s health.

Craft Pro Face Paint

There’s nothing worse than removing face paint from your skin! Have peace of mind with this easy-on-easy-off vegan formula that is suitable for sensitive skin too. Purchase their paints from Amazon and you will receive 16 different colors, 7 applicators, a travel palette, 30 stencils, and a guidebook that includes 9 step-by-step designs. Long-lasting, vibrant and bold, non-toxic, safe for young and old, Craft Pro paints for the win, now let your creativity begin!

Face Paints Not to Use on Kids

Face painting is not just a fun activity for kids, but a magical experience that can transform them into anything they desire! But this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if toxic and unsafe face paints are used, causing allergic reactions, rashes, and even long-term health issues. Glitter glues, spray paints, tempera paints, or even markers are not a great idea. Yombu disapproves of these paints on your skin:

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint may be a popular choice for art projects, but when it comes to using it on the skin, it’s a big no-no. The reason? Acrylic paint contains harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, and other toxic ingredients that can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and even long-term health issues. So, if you want to keep your kids’ skin safe and healthy, it’s best to avoid using acrylic paint and opt for non-toxic alternatives instead.


Watercolor paint is a type of paint that is composed of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. While it may seem like a harmless option for face and body painting, it’s not safe for kids’ skin as it may contain toxic substances like heavy metals, solvents, and preservatives that can cause skin irritation, allergies, and other health problems. So, while you may be tempted to dive into a pool of colorful watercolor, it’s best to keep it on paper.

Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids: Best and Worst Paints Yombu Events
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Oil Paint

Oil paint is a type of artistic medium made of pigments and oil. However, as it contains toxic ingredients like lead and cadmium, it’s not something you want to smear all over your skin. 

Spray Paint

There’s a reason why people are warned at the back of the spray paint bottle to always wear gloves when using the product. Spray paint contains toxic chemicals like solvents, propellants, and pigments that can cause skin irritation, chemical burns, and even respiratory problems so it’s best avoided!

House Paint

It’s best to keep this paint for your house and far from your face! It is a paint designed for the outer woodwork of your home, and is filled with toxins that are meant more to withstand the harsh elements than be used as a decorative addition to your soft cheeks.

Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Let the paint flow and creativity grow, with easy face-painting ideas that’ll steal the show. Get ready to paint and play, with Yombu’s easy face-painting ideas for beginners that’ll brighten up your day!

Face Painting stencils

  • Face painting stencils are magical tools that make face painting a breeze, turning your child’s face into a canvas of fun and ease.
  • To use face painting stencils creatively and make it fun, choose a design, secure the stencil to the skin, and then use a sponge or brush to apply the face paint, blending different colors and adding details as desired.

Animal Face Painting

  • Transform your child into their favorite furry friend with animal face painting – a fun and creative way to bring out their wild side!
  • Simply pick your favorite animal, choose suitable colors, use a stencil, or simply let your brushes and imagination run wild by painting free-handed, and then ta-da, you have your amazing animal.

Face Painting for cheeks

  • Try face painting for cheeks, where you can paint small and cute designs like stars, hearts, and flowers on their rosy faces.
  • For stunning cheek face painting, clean the skin, choose a simple design, apply a base color, add highlights and shadows, and finish by adding glitter or gems for extra sparkle!

Printable Design Face Painting

  • Unleash a child’s wildest imagination with printable design face painting, where pre-made templates make creating fun and creative designs a breeze.
  • Print the selected design, apply it onto the face, and use a sponge or brush to color the design, then remove the template to reveal a fantastic creation and voila-a beautiful and magical design in seconds.

Face painting can provide a joyful and imaginative outlet for children, promoting their cognitive and motor skills. However, it is crucial to prioritize their safety by using non-toxic paints and avoiding harmful options. Let’s start painting with our brushes while making sure our little ones are secure and content! What designs are you most excited to try? Let us know the paint type you try too!


How do you make your own face paint?

It’s actually super simple! It just takes some corn starch, cream and natural food coloring. Check out it out here.

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