Face Painting for Mummies – A Parents Guide to Face-painting

Face Painting for Mummies – A Parents Guide to Face-painting by Yombu
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Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  November 13, 2023

Having worked within the children’s party industry for the past 8 years we have seen and been part of many truly wonderful moments. Laughter shared between grandparents and grandkids. Comedic moments where the adults couldn’t resist getting involved in the children’s games, turning musical statues into a family dance party. There have been scary moments too, at a party last year a little girl had her hair catch alight as she attempted to blow out her Birthday candles, thankfully the day was saved by her heroic Father and a conveniently located pitcher of juice (She’ll get it right next year). Then there are the moments, simple and perfect, when the children have their faces painted.

A sugar high, energetic and fidgety 3 year old will sit still and patiently await the outcome of their face paint choice. (Yep, this happens more often then not). However, nothing quite matches up to the moment when a child looks into the mirror to see the product of their patience.

In that moment their face exudes excitement and surprise as the face painter shows them their reflection. It’s no longer just about a simple face paint as a bold and bright Lion, regal Princess, or fearless super hero is staring right back at them. It is in moments like these that we are reminded by their childlike wonder that anything is possible – and anything can be.

“Face paint is an expression of a child’s imagination – there are no boundaries only possibilities”

Face Painting Kids Party Entertainment by Yombu
Face Painting
Face-painting in Boston by Yombu Kids Party Marketplace
Face-painting by Yombu
Tiger Face Yombu Kids Party Entertainers
Tiger Face-paint by Yombu

We know why we love it, now here’s why you should too!

–  Face paint is fun.
–  Face painting adds amazing flair to your photographs.
–  You can DIY.
–  It a great, social activity to keep the children busy at parties.

Face paint quality is important.

We recommend the use of non toxic, hypoallergenic, water based face paints that are FDA approved, these are soft on the skin and keep irritations away. Quality face paints are also quick and easy to remove from the child’s face.

Face Painting for Mummies – A Parents Guide to Face-painting Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Thats Super

Easy to


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How to remove the face paint once the party is over?

Without using any water apply a gentle, child friendly, moisturizer or make up remover over the whole painted area. Leave for several moments letting the moisture sink into the skin. Take special care around the eye areas so as not to cause discomfort to your little one. Now their face should be a “messy” looking wonderful muddle of colors.

Lastly take a damp cloth or wet-wipe and lightly remove the paint. Do it several times and you will start recognizing you child again. Continue till the face is clean of all face paint. Voila!

Feeling creative? Here is a DIY pirate face painting tutorial video to get you started.

Pirate Face-paint for Beginners Tutorial

If you think the mission of DIY face painting is too daunting Book a professional face painter for your next event on the Yombu marketplace.


What is the easiest face-paint?

We always recommend that beginners start off with a simple flower design. It is easy to learn and helps beginners practise the basic brush strokes they will need to master as a Face-painter.

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    1. Shanice Carr

      Great tips! I’ve dabbled in face painting before and I second the notion of getting good quality paints. There have been too many times that I’ve started working on what I felt like was a masterpiece (lol) and once it dried down it basically disappeared from the childs face. A gentle cleansing oil works wonders in removing the paint!