The low down on your Yombu account,
how to use it, how it works and more.

Last Updated: May 13, 2023 / 11:24 pm


The Yombu entertainer app makes it easy for entertainers working on our marketplace to accept new bookings on the go, see the details of their upcoming events, find the map to the events, and even pay themselves.

Although the app is very intuitive, we have prepared a handy little guide for you on how it all works below.

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Sign Up

  1. Signing Up: Once you have gone through our application process and signed the hold harmless agreement, we will set up your account and send you an invite to login and setup your password. 

    You can either download the entertainers app by searching for "booking koala" on the App Store / Google Play Store, or by logging in to your Yombu account in your browser and clicking on the "download app" notification at the top of the page.

  2. Password reset: If you have forgotten your password simply select >> Forgot password >> Enter in the email address you used to sign up and we will send you a link to reset your password.

    *We don't store our users passwords for security reasons, so are unable to simply send you the password you created.


  1. Your profile: Your profile was set up using the details you submitted (including images) when you applied to be listed on our marketplace. If you need to make changes to your contact details, this can be done at any time in-app. On the home screen, select edit profile (top right) >> Fill in your new details and click save.

    *Please be sure that the details you set up in your profile are correct. All notifications will be sent to the phone number and email address you add here. Incorrect profile information can lead to missed bookings.

  2. Menu: The burger menu (three bars) on the top right of the app is the main menu where you can find all the main app sections. From here you will see the following:
    - Dashboard (See all your upcoming bookings)
    - Unassigned bookings (Booking that are up for grabs in your area)
    - Manage availability
    - Profile
    - My Drive (Documents you upload)
    - Payments 
    - Reviews (Client reviews of your services)

  3. Settings / Services: If you tap the settings icon on the bottom bar, you will see a popup menu with industry selection and forms. This shows the different services and industry (balloons, magic, face-painting, etc.) that clients can book you for. Changes that you make here will have to be authorized by an admin.

    *If you make any changes to the services that you want to provide on our marketplace, please make sure that you have the necessary skills and equipment to deliver them proficiently to our clients.

  4. Chat: On the bottom right of the app you will see a floating chat icon - from here you can chat directly with clients that have booked you for an event or with Yombu admins, if you have any questions or need assistance.


  1. The booking flow: Here is the step by step process of what happens when a new booking comes into the system and you accept it.

    a) When a new booking notification shows up on your app (for a service you provide in your set location), you have 15 minutes to accept or decline it before it is automatically sent to the next entertainer in line. *Declining events you can't take helps speed up the booking process for clients.

    b) If no-one confirms the booking, it is added to the unassigned folder on your app where any entertainer can still claim it for two hours. *In some cases if the booking was made at odd hours, we may resend it to all entertainers during regular work hours.

    c) Once you accept a booking, it will show in your dashboard. Clicking on the booking will show all the details, including the child's name, age, event address and the payment amount you can expect.

    d) On the day, when you are ready to leave to the booking, tap on the event and  swipe “traveling”. This will notify the client by SMS that you are on your way.

    e) When you arrive and are ready to start the entertainment, click on the event and select "start". This notifies Yombu admins that you are at the event. *If we don't receive this notification, we might contact you to make sure you are at the event.

    f) Once the event is finished and you are ready to go, tap "done" on the app. A screen will pop up where the client can sign to say the job was completed. *This is important, in case of future disputes where the client claims the job wasn't completed.

    1. Extending the Time: Often times clients will request on the day that you stay longer. If you are available to extend the time you can. Please message our administrators in-app after the event about the additional time. We will extend the booking on the backend and debit the client's card for the additional time.

    2. Running Late: There are sometimes factors outside of your control that may cause you to be late to a client's event. When this happens, please call the client (tap the event in the app to see their phone number) as far in advance as possible and let them know your new expected arrival time. After the event, message our administrators in-app and inform them about the incident.

    Manage Availabiltiy

    1. Set your work hours: Under the "manage availability" section of your profile in the app, you can set your general work hours. These are the times that you are generally available and will receive new booking notifications for.

      Example: You have a 9 - 5 job and are only available on the weekends, or are on holiday for a specific period. Click on change availability >> select an option; default or specific >> select the dates and submit.

      *You won't be able to change your availability if you have bookings in the time you are requesting off. The request will have to be approved by an admin.

    2. Notifications: Our system will only send you notifications for parties that are in the times you set as "available" or "shifts" in the app. However, bookings that you find in the unassigned folder can be out of your available times.


    1. Payment log: Under the main menu you will see a payments menu item. Clicking on this will bring you to the payment section. Here you can view all your past bookings and the payment amounts you have received for them. You can also payout your wallet balance to your bank account from here.

    2. Payment processor: On the bottom row of the app you will see a profile icon. Clicking on it will bring you to your profile section. Under your image you will see the button labeled "payment processor". Clicking on the button will show two options; Paypal and bank account. Select your preferred option and fill in all your details to set up your payments.


    1. All your reviews: 24 Hours after each event, we send the client a request to review the service you provided. Reviews made by clients show in the app, as well as on your profile in our website and directly influence the bookings that you will get from future clients.

    2. Positioning: Our system automatically positions the entertainers with the highest reviews at the top of the queue to receive new booking notifications. Getting 5 star ratings from clients will put you first in line for new events on our system.

      That's the low down on our entertainer account and app and how to use them. If you have any questions about our entertainer app or need any clarifications, please contact your community manager by chatting in-app or using the details below.

      Community Manager - Michelle May
      Email -
      Phone - +1 646 921 1444 (During office hours)