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Last Updated: February 12, 2024 / 1:01 pm


Here you will find all the details on how we charge the clients, when we refund, our cancelation policies and how / when you get paid.

Yombu operates as an intermediary between you and the client. We don't hold entertainers payments in our accounts. When a client's card is debited, that amount is immediately split between our marketplace and the entertainer, and deposited into your wallet on our entertainer app.

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How We Charge our Clients

  1. Card Check: When a client books on our marketplace, the event isn't confirmed until it is accepted by an entertainer in-app. During the booking process, we check their credit card to make sure we can debit it and that it has the full amount of funds needed for the transaction. 

  2. Card Hold: Leading up to the booking (6 days prior) we place a hold on the client's card for the full amount outstanding. If, at this point, the card fails we immediately notify the client and pause the booking. If the client's card isn't updated (and successfully debited) 24 hours before the party start time, the booking is automatically canceled.

  3. Debit: One hour after the party ends, we automatically debit the client's card and the funds are immediately available for payout in your wallet on the app.

Cancelation Policy

  1. Client Accounts: When booking, we automatically create an account for our clients. From this account they have the option to reschedule or cancel their bookings at any time.

  2. Cancelation fees: If a client cancels a booking less than 6 days prior to the start time, we automatically charge them a $75 fee. This fee is split between the entertainer and our marketplace. $50 is paid out to the entertainer for the inconvenience and $25 is paid to Yombu to cover our administration fees.

  3. Extenuating circumstances: During the cancelation process, the client is promoted to input a reason for the cancelation. We review all cancelations to see the reasons behind them and in some cases might ask you to consider waiving the cancelation fee.

    *We will never refund a client cancelation fee without first getting the entertainer's permission.

  4. Rescheduling fees: When a client reschedules a party less than six days prior, moves the date or changes the time, we automatically charge a $50 rescheduling fee. This fee is split 50 / 50 between the entertainer and our marketplace. $25 is paid out to the entertainer for the inconvenience and $25 is paid to Yombu to cover administration fees.

Refund Policy

  1. Circumstances: At Yombu, we work with the best entertainers in the US and have a guarantee to our clients that if they aren't happy with the service provided, we will refund them. The reasons we may refund a client are outlined below:

    *Refunds made to clients will effect your pay in proportion to the percentage refunded to the client. Example: When a client is refunded 20% for a booking you are paid $125 for, $25 (20%) would be deducted from your pay.

  2. Arriving late: When an entertainer arrives late to an event, we immediately offer the client a 20% refund. If the entertainer arrived more than 15 minutes late or the client is unhappy with the 20% offer, we may refund up to 75% of the amount paid after discussing it with the entertainer.

  3. Not delivering the service proficiently: In circumstances where a client is unhappy with the service they received, it wasn't up to standard or you receive anything less than a 3 star review for the booking, we will immediately offer the client a 20% refund, which may be increased depending on the circumstances.

  4. Mediation: When a client is requesting a 100% refund and the entertainer involved disputes the fairness of the request, we will ask that both parties attend a 15 minute Zoom session mediated by our community manager, so that we can reach a conclusion that both parties agree on.

Basic Pay

  1. What does Yombu charge for the booking? We work on a commission basis for each booking that is a minimum of 25% of the fee charged. This keeps us functioning as a platform and makes it possible for us to manage and run the marketplace.

  2. What do you get paid? During our onboarding process, we will have requested your hourly rates. In general, that amount will fall into what we can afford to pay (75% of the full charge). If, however, your rates are too high and we can't recoup a 25% commission, the community manager will be in touch to discuss the rates and see if there is a way we can make it work.

  3. When do you get paid: One hour after the booking, has ended the client's cards is automatically charged and the money is immediately available in your wallet on the entertainer app.

Cashing Out

  1. How to get paid: On the entertainer app under payments, you can connect either a PayPal account (we don't recommend this due to the high fees PayPal charges), or you can input your bank account details (recommended) for ACH payments. When you cash out your wallet on the app, it will take 1 - 2 days to clear into your bank account.

    *On the 25th of each month, we automatically pay out all wallets balances.


  1. Independent Contractors: All entertainers working on the Yombu marketplace are independent contractors who provide a service and not employees of Yombu Events, Inc. We don't withhold your taxes or report your earnings on a W9.

    We hope that the above answers any questions you may have around what we pay our contractors and when. If you have any questions about payments, comments or suggestions, please get in touch with your community manager, whose details are listed below.

    Community Manager - Michelle May
    Email -
    Phone - +1 646 921 1444 (During office hours)