Working with Kids

Tips and tricks on how to work with Children at parties and rock it.

Last Updated: May 12, 2023 / 1:57 pm


Entertaining kids at parties can be a lot of fun, but it can at times also be challenging. The key to successful party entertainment is keeping the little guests engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Whether you're entertaining kids at a birthday party, a school event or a family day, these tips will help you create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone there.

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  1. Plan Ahead: Check the details of your bookings the night before and plan your route in advance. A common trait of all the best entertainers we have worked with is preparing the night before for their events the next day. 

  2. Keep it Clean: Clean equipment shows the client that you are a professional and take pride in your work. Clean your equipment and pack it the evening prior to your party so there is less to do on the day.

  3. Arrive Early: We encourage all entertainers to arrive around 10 minutes early to their events. This will give you adequate time to meet the host and setup the activities.

  4. Memorize the Names: Look at the event on your app and memorize the name of the birthday child and the client before going in to the party. This shows consideration and makes the birthday child and host feel extra special.

At the Party

  1. Meet the Host: When going into the event venue, make sure you introduce yourself to the host and discuss how the entertainment is going to run.

  2. Birthday Child: Ask the host to point out the Birthday Child and then introduce yourself to them and explain what you are there to do. Creating a personal connection with the Birthday Child is important if you want them to take part in the activities later on.

  3. Get on the Kids Level: Literally. We have noticed that the best entertainers get on the kid's level (squat down) when talking to them. It makes you seem less intimidating as an adult / giant.

  4. Enthusiasm: You have to like and enjoy spending time with kids if you want to work with them successfully. Children at parties aren't going to be excited about doing anything you aren't excited about yourself. Be enthusiastic!

  5. Patience: The most important thing when dealing with children is to have patience. Parties can be crazy at times and you're going to have to repeat yourself a lot. You're going to have to explain a lot. You're going to have to deal with distractions and a bunch of other focus-grabbers. Kids are going to be excited and energetic and it's important to be patient with them.


  1. Birthday Child is King: We always do our best to make sure the focus of the party is the Birthday Child and include them in all the activities. Everyone is there to celebrate them, so make them feel special

    Some of the ways you can do that are:

    a) Let them be first in line for the activities.
    b) If you are playing games, give the Birthday Child a second chance when they go out.
    c) Let the Birthday Child decide what activities to do next. 

Have Fun

  1. Just have fun: We are fortunate to be a part of the happiest day of a child's year, so just have fun and enjoy it. If you are enjoying yourself it's going to shine through and the clients are going to love the service.

    When you're having fun, it sets the tone for the whole party and makes it more enjoyable for everyone involved. So don't forget to let loose, have a laugh, and enjoy the celebration!


  1. Bring the Beats: Music adds a fun vibe to every party. Purchase a small portable speaker and use it to play music while you are entertaining the kids. It's going to take the party experience up a notch and make it a lot more fun for everyone there.

    *Looking for a good kids party playlist? Check out Kids Bop on YouTube; all the pop hits sung by kids. (

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