Barnyard First Birthday Party

Barnyard First Birthday Party by Yombu
Last updated: March 9, 2023

A Barnyard Party is a great theme for a little animal lover. Have a Barnyard party at your home with a visit from a mobile petting zoo or visit a nearby farm.

Party Invitations

Make invitations in the shape of an old red barn with the barn doors opening to reveal the party details. Or use a drawing or photo of farm animals.

Barnyard Party Decorations

Decorate the party area with plastic or stuffed toy farm animals, cowboy hats, and hay bales. Paint boxes to look like a barn and silo.

Barnyard First Birthday Kids Party Decor by Yombu
Barnyard First Birthday Party Decor
Barnyard First Birthday Kids Party Cake by Yombu
Barnyard Themed Party Cake
Barnyard First Birthday Kids Party Invites by Yombu
Barnyard Kids Party Invite

Games & Activities

Set-up a free play area with toy farm animals and buildings. Play pin the tail on the cow. Arrange for a petting zoo. Make a feed the animals bean bag toss where guests drop bean bags into cardboard cutouts of farm animals.

Make a fishing game by tying a string to a wooden stick or pole and tie a magnet to the end of the string. Cut fish shapes out of paper and attach a metal paper clip to each shape.

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Party Foods

Serve chicken nuggets, cheese crackers, apple slices and juice. Decorate a cake or cupcakes with plastic toy farm animals.

Party Favors

Give guests straw cowboy hats, cloth bandanas (bibs), or plastic or stuffed farm animals.


What is the best venue for a Barnyard party?

Here are 3 fun venue ideas for a barnyard themed kids party:

  1. Local farm or petting zoo – A local farm or petting zoo can provide an authentic barnyard experience for kids. They can interact with farm animals like cows, horses, pigs, goats, and sheep while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery.
  2. Community park with a picnic area – A community park with a picnic area is a great venue for a barnyard themed kids party. You can set up a few hay bales and some rustic decorations to create a barnyard atmosphere. Kids can play on the playground equipment and participate in outdoor games and activities
  3. Historical farm or museum – A historical farm or museum can provide an educational and fun experience for kids. Kids can learn about the history of farming and agriculture while enjoying the outdoor scenery and interacting with farm animals. You can also arrange for a guided tour or a hayride to add to the experience.

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