Cars & Trucks First Birthday Party

Cars & Trucks First Birthday Party by Yombu
Last updated: March 21, 2023

If your child loves cars, trucks, or anything with wheels this party will be great fun.

Party Invitations

Make the Party invitations in the shape of a car or truck and include a photo of your child playing with his favorite toys or riding on a toy car.

Party Decorations

Display toy cars and trucks. Decorate the party area with paper stop lights and red, yellow and green balloons.

Cars and Trucks First Birthday Party Decor by Yombu
Cars and Trucks First Birthday Party
Cars and Trucks First Birthday Cake by Yombu
Cars and Trucks Birthday Cake
Cars and Trucks First Birthday Party Activity by Yombu
Cars and Trucks Party Activities

Games & Activities

Make a free play area with cars and trucks. Decorate cardboard boxes like cars and trucks and take photos of guests “driving”. Give rides on a ride-on car or truck.

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Party Foods

Serve sandwiches or pizza, pretzels, cookies, and fruit. Decorate a cake with a racetrack and cars or make a figure 8 race cake. Or decorate cupcakes with toy cars.

Party Favors

Give an inexpensive toy car or truck as a favor.


What are some game ideas for a Cars and Trucks themed party?

Here are our favourite 3 ideas for party games you can play at a cars and trucks themed party:

  1. Car and Truck Races – Set up a race track using cardboard boxes or other materials and have the kids race their toy cars or trucks. You can also have relay races where kids pass a toy car or truck to their teammates and the first team to finish wins.
  2. Car and Truck Scavenger Hunt – Hide small toy cars and trucks around the party area and have the kids go on a scavenger hunt to find them. You can also hide clues that lead to the location of the next car or truck.
  3. Pin the License Plate on the Car – Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, have a poster of a car without a license plate and give each child a paper license plate with their name on it. Blindfold each child and spin them around a few times before they try to pin the license plate on the car. The child who pins their license plate closest to the correct spot wins a prize.

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