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Fairy First Birthday Party

Planning your little Fairies First Birthday Party and need some great ideas? Check out our article on how to plan…
Yombu Blog Fairy First Birthday Party

First Birthday

Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny  |  Last updated:  July 18, 2024

Planning a Fairy-themed birthday party for your little girl’s first birthday is a great way to make her feel special and create lasting memories. Here are some tips to help you create a magical celebration that your little fairy and her guests will always remember.

Fairy Party Invitations

Start by creating party invitations that set the tone for the fairy-themed celebration. You can use a fairy-themed template or create your own design that incorporates images of fairies or magical forests. Include all the important details such as date, time, and location. Consider adding a creative touch like outlining your child’s name with glitter pens for a magical effect. Roll up the invitations and tie them with a silver ribbon for an extra special touch.

Fun Fairy Party Decorations

Create a fairyland atmosphere by decorating the party area with pink, white, and silver balloons and streamers. You can also add some glitter or fairy lights to create a magical ambiance. Hang paper cut-outs of fairies and sprinkle some confetti on the table for an enchanting effect. You can also set up a fairy garden with miniature furniture and small plants to make the party area even more magical.

Fairy First Birthday Party Decor by Yombu
Fairy Party Decor
Fairy First Birthday Party Invite by Yombu
Fairy Party Invites
Fairy First Birthday Party Cake by Yombu
Fairy Party Cake

Fairy Themed Party Games & Activities

Get the little fairies moving with some fun games and activities. Make a pin-the-wings-on-the-fairy game using a poster board with a fairy drawing and wings cutouts for each guest. You can also have the children make their own fairy houses out of twigs and leaves and hide small treats inside. Set up a fairy tale storytime corner where children can listen to their favorite fairy tales or read from a collection of fairy books.

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Fairy Party Foods

No birthday party is complete without some yummy treats. Serve cheese and crackers, assorted fruit, and finger sandwiches. Decorate cupcakes with multi-colored sugar or star-shaped sprinkles to add a magical touch. You can also serve fairy-themed snacks like fairy bread, which is simply buttered bread sprinkled with colorful hundreds and thousands.

Fairy Party Favors

Give your little guests a favor bag filled with blowing bubbles and a pretty headband. You can also include small toys like fairy figurines or fairy dust in the bags to add to the magical experience. Add a personal touch by including a thank-you note with each bag to show your appreciation for their attendance.

In conclusion, a Fairies-themed birthday party is a great way to celebrate your little girl’s first birthday. By incorporating magical decorations, fun games and activities, delicious treats, and fun favors, you can create a memorable experience that your little fairy and her guests will always treasure. Remember to take plenty of photos to capture all the magical moments of this special day.


What are some good venues for a Fairy party?

Here are our favourite ideas for party venues for a kids fairy party:
1) Fairy Garden: A fairy garden is the perfect venue for a kids fairy party. You can create a magical atmosphere by decorating the space with fairy lights, flowers, and cute fairy-themed decorations. You can even set up a fairy tea party with fairy-themed snacks and drinks.
2) Forest Clearing: A forest clearing is another great venue for a fairy party. You can set up fairy-themed activities like a scavenger hunt, fairy ring toss, and fairy dress-up games. You can also provide fairy wings and flower crowns for the kids to wear.
3) Park Pavilion: A park pavilion is a great venue for a fairy party because it provides ample space for the kids to play and run around. You can decorate the pavilion with fairy lights and decorations, and set up a craft table where the kids can make their own fairy wands or flower crowns. You can also set up a fairy-themed photo booth for the kids to take pictures in their fairy costumes.

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