Fire Truck First Birthday Party

Fire Truck First Birthday Party by Yombu
Last updated: March 10, 2023

Many young children are in awe of fire trucks and fire fighters. For these children a Fire Fighter Party is a great way to celebrate. Have a Fire Truck Party at your home, nearby park, or local party place. You may even be able to arrange for a tour or your neighborhood fire house

Party Invitations

Make the invitation in the shape of a fire truck or fire hydrant. Include a photo of your child in a firefighter’s hat.

Fun Decorations

Make a sign for over the door that reads “Fire Station No. 1″. Display toy fire trucks and a stuffed Dalmatian dog toy.

Fire Truck First Birthday Party Cake Yombu
Fire Truck Party Cake
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Fireman Party Activities
Fire Truck First Birthday Party Invite Yombu
Fire Truck Party Invite

Fun Games & Activities

Have a free play area with firetrucks and firestation toys. Play pin the spots on the Dalmatian. Buy a ride-on firetruck or decorate a wagon to look like a firetruck and give rides. Decorate cardboard boxes to look like a firetruck and take photos of each guest with a firehat on.

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Fun Foods

Serve beans and franks (quartered), cheese and crackers, and apple sauce. seedless grapes (quartered) and strawberries. Decorate cake or cupcakes with mini fire trucks or make a fire engine cake.

Fun Favors

Fire fighter hats, firetrucks, water squirter bath toys, or a stuffed dalmatian dog are fun favors for a Fire Fighter party.


What are some good venue ideas for a Fireman Birthday party?

Here are our three favourite ideas for a Fire Truck themed venue:

  1. Fire Station: A fire station is the perfect venue for a Fire truck themed first birthday party. Most fire stations offer tours and demonstrations of the equipment, and some even allow kids to sit in the fire trucks and try on gear. This can be a fun and educational experience for kids and parents alike.
  2. Local Park: A local park can be an excellent venue for a Fireman-themed first birthday party. You can set up a fireman-themed obstacle course or relay race, or even host a water fight with spray bottles or water balloons. You can also decorate the area with fireman-themed decorations, and set up a picnic area with fireman-themed food and drinks.
  3. Indoor Play Center: An indoor play center can be a great venue for a Fireman-themed first birthday party, especially if the weather is bad. Many indoor play centers have a variety of activities such as slides, ball pits, and climbing structures that kids will love. You can also decorate the play center with fireman-themed decorations, and provide fireman-themed party favors for the kids to take home.

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