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First Birthday Party Decorations by Yombu
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Decorations add fun and excitement. A little creativity goes a long way and you don’t have to spend a fortune. If you’re planning a 1st birthday party, you may be wondering how to make it special without breaking the bank. The good news is that with a little creativity, you can create a fun and memorable celebration without spending a fortune. One way to add some flair to your party is through decorations. From large number ones cut from brightly colored paper to favorite photos of the birthday child, there are plenty of easy and affordable options to choose from. In this post, we’ll share some ideas for fun decorations for a 1st birthday party, including balloons, streamers, and partyware sets. Plus, we’ll provide some tips for staying on budget while still making the party look great.

Fun Decoration Ideas for a 1st Birthday Party

Some of our favourites include:

  • large number ones cut from brightly colored paper and hung around the party location
  • favorite photos of the birthday child
  • stuffed animals
  • Happy 1st birthday banner or poster for guests to sign and add their best wishes
  • helium balloons and streamers to match party theme

One of the easiest ways to decorate for a party is to purchase partyware sets, consisting of matching table cloths, plates, cups, and napkins, that convey the party theme.

Less is More

A word of caution, sometimes less is more when selecting themed partyware. For example: if the tablecloth, plates, cups, and napkins all have the same design, it can be a bit visually overwhelming and difficult to find things on the table (they all blend together). Sometimes it’s better to buy a couple items in coordinating solid colors.

First Birthday Party Decorations Sunflower Yombu
First Birthday Sunflower Decorations
First Birthday Party Boy Yombu
First Birthday Party
First Birthday Party Decorations by Yombu
First Bday Party Decor

Tight Budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, look for partyware at your local discount store (Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc.). The selection may be a bit limited, but the prices are often less than party stores.

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Balloons Decor

Balloons provide a lot of impact for little cost. Just be aware that latex balloons only “float” for about 8-10 hours, so don’t buy them too far ahead of time. Mylar (foil) balloons last for days. Be careful not to order more balloons than you can safely transport in your car. Check out our post on Balloon Decor for more ideas and inspiration and our Party Guides for a list of balloon decor suppliers in your City.


Streamers are another easy and inexpensive way to make the party location look festive. Hang a fringe of streamers over the doorways or make a canopy over the cake by attaching streamers to the light fixture and twirl them down to the corners of the table.

You can also make a welcome sign on poster board and have a giant card for guests to sign and add artwork to which doubles as a fun activity and a keep sake for your Child.


What is the Best Theme for a 1st Birthday Party?

Any Characters or animals your Toddler likes or easily recognises will make a great party theme, here are some of our favourites:
– Fire Truck: See More
– Jungle Safari: See More
– Circus: See More

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