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First Birthday Party Favours by Yombu
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Party favors are a great way to express gratitude to your guests for attending your event, whether it be a birthday, wedding, or any other type of celebration. They also serve as a way to reciprocate for any thoughtful presents that your guests may have brought to the party. Moreover, party favors can also serve as a memento for the guests to remember the event by.

Keep it Age Appropriate

When it comes to selecting party favors, it is important to keep in mind the age group of your guests and the theme of the party. For example, for a 1st birthday party, you could consider giving out beach balls or large colorful playballs, blowing bubbles, animal crackers, picture books, finger puppets, stuffed animals, bath toys, or sand buckets and shovels. These items are age-appropriate and are sure to be enjoyed by the children.

First Birthday Party Favours Jars by Yombu
First Birthday Party Favours
First Birthday Party Favours Ideas by Yombu
Party Favours Ideas
First Birthday Party Favours Rice Crispies by Yombu
Rice Crispies Party Favor

Age Appropriate Party Favors

It is also a good idea to choose party favors that serve a double purpose. For instance, items like cowboy hats, stuffed animals, or beach balls can be used as decorations or games during the party and then given to the guests as they leave. This not only saves money but also reduces waste.

When selecting party favors, it is important to keep in mind the number of guests that will be attending the party. It is always a good idea to have a few extra favors for unexpected guests and siblings of guests who stay for the party. Additionally, it is important to make a favor bag for your child and any of his/her siblings who will want one.

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 Personalise It

To wrap the party favors, you can use small or medium-sized cellophane bags that cost approximately $2 per 8 pack. Tie them with ribbon to make them look attractive. You can also use creative tags or labels to personalize each bag for the guests. For instance, you can add the name of each guest or a message that reflects the theme of the party.

While party favors are a great way to express gratitude to your guests, it is important to keep the cost in mind. Party favors can become expensive if you don’t keep track of your spending. It is advisable to decide how much you want to spend and then keep track of the cost of the items you purchase.

Party favors are an excellent way to show your guests that you appreciate their presence at your event. By selecting age-appropriate items that are in line with the theme of the party and that serve a double purpose, you can make your guests feel valued and special. Moreover, by being mindful of the cost and the number of guests, you can make the process of selecting and distributing party favors a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.


What Goes in a Kids Party Goodie Bag?

Here are some ideas for what to include in a kids party goodie bag:
1) Small toys: Small toys like yo-yos, bouncy balls, toy cars, or figurines are always a hit.
2) Candy and snacks: Include some age-appropriate treats like lollipops, gummy bears, or fruit snacks.
3) Stationery: Pencils, erasers, and small notepads are always useful and can be personalized to match the party theme.
4) Stickers and temporary tattoos: Kids love stickers and temporary tattoos that they can show off to their friends.
5) Crafts: Small craft kits or materials like beads or stickers can provide a fun activity for kids to do after the party.

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