First Birthday Party Games & Activities

First Birthday Party Games & Activities by Yombu
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Activities, games, and entertainment enliven the party, provide an opportunity for the children to interact, and can be the most fun and memorable part of a party. Advance planning and preparation are the keys to successful party activities.

Fun Games for a 1st Birthday

Games are a great way to entertain and engage children at a 1st birthday party. One popular game is ball rolls, where children sit in a circle and roll a large ball to each other. Another fun game is fishing, where children use a magnet tied to a string to catch paper cutouts of fish or other shapes.

Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey variations are also a classic game that can be adapted to fit your party theme, such as placing the crown on the princess or the nose on the clown. Don’t forget about the timeless pull-string piñata, which even very young children can participate in.


In addition to games, activities can also add to the fun of a 1st birthday party, just be sure to keep them simple and age appropriate. Storytime is a great way to engage young children, whether you read a favorite story or tell one yourself. You can also set up a free play area with toys like blocks, stacking toys, soft play and pull toys or a ball pond, which children can enjoy on their own or with friends. For a more hands-on activity, finger painting or creating handprints in plaster or clay can be a fun way to encourage creativity and imagination.

First Birthday Party Games & Activities by Yombu
First Birthday Party Games
First Birthday Fun Softplay Yombu
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First Birthday Party Games and Activities for Toddlers by Yombu
First Birthday Party Games and Activities


Although often associated with older age groups simple crafts can be another way to keep small children entertained at a 1st birthday party. Decorating a wagon and taking children for rides can be a fun activity, or you can set up a box yard with large cardboard boxes decorated with paint or markers for children to climb in and through. Another fun idea is to float rubber ducks or other floating objects in a kiddie pool, creating a duck pond that children can play in and explore.

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When planning activities for a 1st birthday party, it’s important to be flexible and willing to adjust plans as needed. Don’t expect every child to participate in every activity, and be ready to allow an activity to go longer if children are having a good time. Avoid using blindfolds for games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, as they can be scary for young children. Instead, use double-sided tape or velcro to attach game pieces. Another cute alternative to the classic games and activities is to show a home video of your child’s 1st year “highlights”. (limit to 10 minutes!)

The key to successful 1st birthday party Games and Activities is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere where children can play and explore, while celebrating this special milestone in your child’s life.


Do You Need Games at a First Birthday?

Although it can be challenging to get Toddlers to take part in games and activities, any of the ideas from our article above will be sure to keep them busy and having fun. It’s also a good idea to remember that some of the guests might bring older siblings (invited or not) and having simple games already planned means you won’t have to scramble to find something to entertain them as well.

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