Jungle Safari First Birthday Party

Jungle Safari First Birthday Party by Yombu
Last updated: February 28, 2023

Have wild fun with a Jungle Safari Party at home or nearby park. Or visit a local zoo for a look at the real thing.

Party Invitations

Use a drawing or photo of favorite jungle animal (monkey, zebra, tiger giraffe, etc.) or take a photo of your child in a jungle animal costume or animal print pjs.

Fun Decorations

Decorate with plastic or stuffed jungle animal toys. Use green, yellow & orange balloons and lots of green streamers.

Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Yombu
Jungle Safari First Birthday Party
Jungle Safari First Birthday Cake
Jungle Safari Birthday Cake
Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Invites
Jungle Safari Party Invites

Fun Games & Activities

Make a free play area with toy jeeps and plastic or stuffed toy jungle animals. Have an animal safari – post pictures of jungle animals in the party area and have guests see how many they can find. Play pin the tail on the zebra. Have a friend paint faces with whiskers and stripes.

Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Yombu Events
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Fun Foods

Serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese, animal crackers, and assorted fruit. Decorate cupcakes with colored sprinkles and animal crackers or make a tiger cake.

Fun Favors

Give guests an inexpensive plastic or stuffed jungle animal.


How to do Jungle themed party foods?

When it comes to Jungle themed food, you can get creative and have some fun with the theme. Here are some awesome ideas:

  1. You need to have Safari trail mix: Mix together some nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips in a bowl for a tasty and nutritious snack. You can add some animal crackers or gummy animals to make it more playful.
  2. Monkey munchies: Cut up some celery sticks and fill them with peanut butter, then add some raisins on top to look like little ants crawling on the log.
  3. Snake sandwiches: Make sandwiches with a long bread roll or baguette, cut it into small sandwich sections, and place them in a wavy pattern to look like a snake. Fill with your choice of fillings like peanut butter, jelly, or ham and cheese.
  4. Jungle juice: Mix together some fruit juices such as pineapple, orange, and cranberry, and add some sparkling water or lemon-lime soda for a refreshing and fruity drink. You can serve it in a large bowl or pitcher decorated with plastic jungle animals.

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