Little Prince First Birthday Party

Little Prince First Birthday Party by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 24, 2023

Celebrate like royalty with a Little Prince themed First Birthday Party. The party can have a general old-world, magical theme or can be based on the life and times on a favourite fairy tale Prince or Knight. The Little Prince book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of my favourite all-time stories and the artwork is sublime making it a fantastic theme for a Birthday party.

Prince Party Invites

Are you planning a royal celebration fit for a prince? Look no further than Yombu’s Party Invite Shop for your Prince party invitations.

The best part? You can get these stunning Prince party invites for only $4.50. The Yombu Party Invite Shop offers a range of templates that you can customise with your party details, ensuring a personalised touch for your little prince’s special day.

Prince Party Decorations

Decorate the party area with drawings or posters of castles, dragons, and knights’ shields. Use balloons and streamers in the royal colors like blue, purple and gold.

Litttle Prince First Birthday Party Invite Yombu
Little Prince Birthday Cake
Little Prince First Birthday Party Decor Yombu
Little Prince Party Decor
Little Prince First Birthday Party Invite Yombu
Little Prince Party Invite

Prince Themed Party Games & Activities

Make a castle play area out of cardboard boxes. Provide paper, glue and stickers for parents to make royal crowns for their children. Play stick the tail on the dragon (made out of poster board). Drop gold plastic coins in decorated cans. Have a pullstring pinata in the shape of a dragon or unicorn.

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Prince Party Foods

Serve cheese and crackers and assorted fruit. Decorate cupcakes with multi-colored sugar or star sprinkles or make a castle cake.

Prince Party Favors

A toy horse or dragon and blowing bubbles are fun favors for a Prince Party.


What are some dress up ideas for a Little Prince party?

We love dress up at Kids parties.. It sets the party vibe and really helps everyone get out of themselves, here are 3 fun ideas of how to dress up your Little Prince on his big day:
1) Royal Robes and Crowns: Dress up the birthday boy in a regal robe and a crown. You can make the robe from a rich velvet fabric and add some gold trims to make it look more royal. For the crown, you can use a paper crown or make one from foam or felt.
2) Knight in Shining Armor: Dress up the birthday boy as a knight in shining armor. You can use a silver or gold colored fabric to make a chainmail shirt, and a cardboard shield painted with a coat of arms. Add a helmet made of cardboard, and your little prince will look like a valiant knight.
3) Princely Attire: Dress up the birthday boy in a classic prince or nobleman attire. A white collared shirt with a black or red vest, and a pair of trousers can create the perfect look. You can add a cape or a jacket for a more regal feel, and a pair of leather or suede boots to complete the look.

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