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Little Princess First Birthday Party

Little Princesses deserve the best Royal celebrations possible and we have the very best Little Princess First Birthday Party ideas…
Yombu Blog Little Princess First Birthday Party

First Birthday

Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny  |  Last updated:  July 18, 2024

As a mother of three, I have had my fair share of experience planning birthday parties for my kids. One of the most memorable parties was a Princesses Party for my daughter’s first birthday. In this article, I will share some tips and advice based on my experience to help you plan a magical Princesses Party for your little one.

Princess Party Invitations

The invitation sets the tone for the party, so make it special! Roll up the invitations and tie them with a ribbon to look like a scroll or royal decree. You can also include a photo or drawing of a castle to make it more princess-like. Outline your child’s name with glitter pens for a magical touch.

Princess Party Decorations

To create a magical atmosphere, decorate the party area with pink, purple, white, and silver balloons and streamers. Use a Little Princess theme or choose one of your favorite fairy tale princesses. Sleeping Beauty is a perfect choice for a baby who kept you up at night!

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Princess Party Invite

Princess Themed Games & Activities

Make a castle out of cardboard boxes and allow children to play in it with dolls and stuffed animals. You can also make a “Pin the Horn on the Unicorn” game or provide paper, glue, and stickers for parents to make princess hats or royal crowns for their children. These activities will keep the kids entertained and engaged while adding a touch of magic to the party.

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Princess Party Foods

When it comes to food, keep it simple and kid-friendly. Serve cheese and crackers, assorted fruit, and cupcakes decorated with multi-colored sugar or star-shaped sprinkles. Alternatively, you can make a castle cake to add a touch of royalty to the party. Don’t forget to provide plenty of water and other beverages to keep everyone hydrated.

Princess Party Favors

A good party always includes a party favor to thank the guests for coming. Give guests a favor bag with blowing bubbles and a pretty headband. This will provide a fun and practical keepsake that will remind the children of the magical experience they had at the Princesses Party.

In conclusion, planning a Princesses Party can be a magical experience for both you and your little one. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create a memorable occasion that your family and friends will cherish forever. Remember to keep it simple, fun, and safe, and most importantly, enjoy the moment and have fun!


What are some great venue ideas for a Princess party?

So you went classic with your party theme and are now looking for some fun venue ideas for your little Princesses Birthday bash.. Look no further here are 3 great ideas for you.
1) At-Home Party: Hosting the Princess first birthday party at home can be a convenient and budget-friendly option. You can transform your living room or backyard into a magical princess-themed wonderland with decorations such as banners, balloons, and streamers in shades of pink and purple. You can also set up a princess tent or canopy and add some cozy blankets and pillows for a cozy feel.
2) Garden or Park: A garden or park is a beautiful and natural venue choice for a Princess first birthday party. You can decorate the area with flowers, vines, and other greenery to create a magical garden atmosphere. You can also set up a canopy or tent for shade and comfort, and have games and activities for kids to play.
3) Banquet Hall or Ballroom: A banquet hall or ballroom is a classic venue choice for a Princess first birthday party. You can decorate the space with tulle, ribbons, and balloons in pink, purple, and other pastel colors. You can also have a stage for entertainment, a dance floor, and tables for food and gifts.

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