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Planning a first birthday is a big deal – and a Luau-themed party is the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s big milestone! A Luau-themed party is fun, laid-back, and full of bright colours. Here are some tips to help you plan this fun and festive celebration.

Luau First Birthday Invitations

The invitations should set the tone for the party and capture the essence of a Luau. Look for invitations that feature a tropical beach scene, a tiki hut, or hibiscus flowers. For a unique touch, consider including leis with the invitation.

Luau First Birthday Decorations

No Luau-themed party is complete without some festive decorations! Hang up a few tiki torches, paper lanterns, and palm fronds. Add a few beach-themed items like an inflatable beach ball, a surfboard, and a few sand pails. Hang a few colourful hula skirts on the walls and place some inflatable palm trees around the room. Lastly, don’t forget to add a few string lights for a festive atmosphere.

Luau First Birthday Party Invites by Yombu
Luau Birthday Party Invites
Luau First Birthday Cake Party Ideas by Yombu
Luau Birthday Cake
Luau First Birthday Party Decor by Yombu
Luau Party Decor

Luau Party Games & Activities

No party is complete without some fun games and activities to keep the little ones entertained. A Luau-themed party is the perfect opportunity to play some beach-themed games. Consider setting up a beach ball toss, a water balloon toss, and a limbo contest. You can also set up an inflatable pool and provide some beach toys for the kids to play with.

Indoor Luau Party Games

If your birthday is in winter and you still want a Luau themed birthday party, then don’t fear! There are indoor game options for you!

Coconut Pass
Emulate the beloved game of “hot potato,” but with a tropical twist using a coconut. Enhance the ambiance by playing Hawaiian music or strumming an ukulele while participants form a circle and pass the coconut among themselves. When the music stops, the unfortunate holder of the coconut is deemed “out.” Repeat the process until only one person remains as the ultimate victor.

Hula Hoop Challenge
Organize a hula hoop competition by arranging everyone in a line and determining who can maintain the longest continuous hula hooping session or achieve the highest number of rotations within a specified time limit. For an added level of difficulty, allow the final two participants to use double or triple hula hoops.

Kumu Hula Says
Put a Hawaiian twist on the classic game of Simon Says with “Kumu Hula Says.” Designate one person as the Kumu Hula, or hula teacher, to act as the caller. They should begin each command with “Kumu Hula says…” followed by a specific hula move and accompanying instructions. If the instructions are given without the phrase “Kumu Hula says,” anyone who performs the move is eliminated. Continue playing until only one person remains, who is then declared the winner. Here are the hula moves to incorporate:

  • Huli: Rotate while swaying hips.
  • Hela: Point the right foot forward and sway to the left, then point the left foot forward and sway to the right.
  • Haʻa: Stand with knees bent.
  • Ami: Rotate hips counterclockwise while keeping the shoulders still.
  • Imua: Move forward.
  • Iluna: Move upward.
  • Ilalo: Move downward.
  • Ihope: Move backward.
  • Kaholo: Take two steps to the left, then two steps to the right.
  • Lava: Freeze or stop.

Hawaiian Pictionary
Compile a list of Hawaiian places or things and write each item on separate sheets of paper. Mix the papers in a hat or bag. Divide participants into teams, with each team assigning an artist. The artist selects a sheet from the hat or bag and proceeds to draw visual clues for their team members to guess the word or phrase. They have a two-minute time limit to guess correctly, or the opposing team has an opportunity to steal the point. Play until one team reaches a predetermined score, typically around 10 points.

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Luau Party Foods

At a Luau-themed first birthday party, you’ll want to serve some tropical-inspired dishes. Consider serving dishes like Hawaiian pizza, teriyaki chicken, and tropical fruit salad. You can also serve some fun party snacks like mini pineapples, coconut shrimp, and tempura vegetables. And of course, you’ll want to serve a festive birthday cake! Look for cakes that feature a beach scene, a tiki hut, or a hibiscus flower.

Luau Party Favors

At the end of the party, send the guests home with some fun party favours. Look for items like inflatable beach balls, leis, and plastic sunglasses. You can also put together some goody bags filled with candy, stickers, and other beach-themed trinkets.


What are some great venues for a Luau themed Kids Party?

Here are three of our favourites venues you can hold a Luau themed kids party in:

The Beach: A beach is the perfect location for a Luau themed kids party. It provides a natural backdrop, ample space for games and activities, and allows for traditional Hawaiian activities such as hula dancing and lei-making. Make sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water for the kids!

Your Backyard: Hosting the party in your own backyard is a convenient and cost-effective option. You can decorate the space with tropical flowers, tiki torches, and grass skirts to create a festive atmosphere. Set up a Hawaiian buffet with fresh fruits, grilled meats, and tropical drinks. Activities like limbo and a treasure hunt will keep the kids entertained.

A Community Center: Many community centers have large event spaces that can be rented for parties. This is a great option if you want to invite a lot of guests and need indoor space. Set up tables and chairs, decorate with colorful flowers and balloons, and hire a hula dancer to teach the kids some traditional Hawaiian moves. The center may even have a stage where the kids can put on a Luau-themed performance.

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