Teddy Bear First Birthday Party

Teddy Bear First Birthday Party by Yombu
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A Teddy Bear First Birthday Party is a magical event that your child and their guests will cherish for years to come. A party theme centered around the beloved stuffed animal is perfect for young children who adore their cuddly friends. If you’re planning a Teddy Bear Party for your little one, here are some helpful tips to make the event unforgettable.

Teddy Bear Party Invitations

Discover the cuddliest and cutest way to invite your guests with Yombu’s adorable digital party invites for only $4.50. Our Teddy Bear-themed invite will create a magical atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

So, cuddle up as you send out your digital Teddy Bear-themed party invite today, courtesy of Yombu.

Teddy Bear Party Decorations

Decorating for a Teddy Bear Party can be lots of fun! You can use stuffed toy bears to create a cute display or hang colorful balloons and streamers. Consider setting up a teddy bear picnic area, complete with blankets and picnic baskets, where your young guests can enjoy their snacks and treats.

Teddy Bear Party Games & Activities

For younger children, provide clay, finger paint, rubber stamps, and sidewalk chalk for them to create with. You can also set up a fishing game, but use bear shapes instead of fish. For a classic game of Teddy Says (similar to Simon Says), instruct the kids to follow Teddy’s commands like “touch your nose” or “jump up and down.”

Teddy Bear First Birthday Party Cake by Yombu
Teddy Bear Birthday Cake
Teddy Bear First Birthday Party Invite by Yombu
Teddy Bear Party Invite
Teddy Bear First Birthday Party Decor by Yombu
Teddy Bear Party Decor

Teddy Bear Themed Party Foods

Make sure to serve some “beary” tasty treats at your child’s Teddy Bear First Birthday Party. You can create a snack mix using teddy bear-shaped graham crackers, teddy bear cookies, and other treats. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and applesauce are also great options for younger children. Consider making teddy bear cupcakes or decorating cupcakes with gummy bears sitting under paper parasols to add to the bear-themed festivities.

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Teddy Bear Party Favors

Your little guests will love receiving a small stuffed toy bear or a teddy bear picture book as a favor to take home. These thoughtful favors will remind them of the fun they had at the party and make a great keepsake for the special occasion.

In conclusion, a Teddy Bear First Birthday Party is a delightful way to celebrate your little one’s special day. From the adorable invitations to the fun games and activities, there are so many ways to make the party extra special. By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can create a memorable event that your child and their guests will treasure for years to come.


What are some good ideas for a Teddy Bear party venue?

Here are our favourite ideas for a Teeny Bear party venue:

Teddy Bear Picnic: Host a picnic party at a park or outdoor space, where children can bring their own teddy bears and enjoy games, activities, and snacks.

Teddy Bear Workshop: Host a teddy bear workshop at a local toy store or build a bear, where children can create their own teddy bears and take them home as party favors.

Teddy Bear Garden Party: Rent a space at a botanical garden or outdoor venue and create a teddy bear-themed garden party, complete with decorations, games, and activities.

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