Yombu Kids Party Blog Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami

Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami

Here’s some fun in one of Miami’s most beautiful destinations. Make a splash for the next bash with Bal Harbor…
Yombu Blog Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami


Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  July 15, 2024

Beautiful Bal Harbor. This shining enclave has more to offer than just stunning sea views. It’s a prime location for birthday parties in Miami, especially in the beautiful summer time. But this needn’t be the only time you explore this discerning travel destination, if their wonderful restaurants and cafés are anything to go by. Let’s dive into awesome Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami.

Kids Art Classes

There are many contemporary artists who got their origins in Miami, so why not prep your little Michelangelo to be the next big visionary? First stop Miami, next stop Hawaii, right (that’s a Kat Reeder ref, if you didn’t know)? Anyway, Kidcreate offers awesome after-school art classes, parent and child classes and art camps. They rock private parties, where kids create fridge worthy masterpieces, learn art concepts, and experiment with many different art materials. And if you don’t want to head to their studio, then they can come to you! They have a mobile art studio that serves the greater Miami area as well, so if you kinda dig your abode for a cool kids party, but need an extra bit of pizazz, then Kid Create is for you.

Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami Kidcreate Miami
Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami Bal Harbor Resort
Bal Harbor Resort
Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami healthy food for kids miami
Delicious and healthy food

Bal Harbor Resort

St. Regis, here we come! The Sea Turtle Club at the Bal Harbor Resort is perfect for your little sea turtle to enjoy sparkling pools and loads of fun kids activities for ages 4-12. Book a private cabana and soak up the sun. BH Burger Bar offers a casual setting to accommodate families with young children and there is the option for a decadent children’s afternoon tea at La Gourmandise that includes milkshakes! Or how about an in-room movie night, complete with popcorn and snacks?

Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Café

An indoor playground and café for families is the perfect chilled-vibe birthday for your child. Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Café has party packages that meet all the criteria for an awesome birthday bash: food, balloons and bounce. Houses, that is. The ‘rents are not forgotten: they have packages that provide adult food too! You can also opt for the deluxe package that includes ice cream, dessert and live entertainment.

Kid Yum

Want to just find a wonderful place to eat that will include some of the things kids love? We’ve found a few awesome places in Miami for the simplest and most discerning kiddie palates.

Pura Vida is known for their mission of health and wellness. Want to raise them to appreciate food that’s good for them? You must try their yummy chicken wraps. You’ll catch many after-gym food seekers here, showing that it’s 80% diet. Their produce is all prepared fresh in-house and leftovers are put aside to be composted and given to local farmers.
Café Vert is a relaxed and airy café that is ideal for a chilled approach to mealtime – and all their food is Kosher! Think sandwiches, pastas and pastries. Kids will love the noodles and pancakes too. They also have gluten-free and vegan menu options.
The name Foozo Artisan Pizza says it all. Everything is prepared fresh and it shows – from the herbs to the tomato base. It’s simple yet delicious Italian tradition in its purest form. But they don’t just have pizza. They also whip up tasty sandwiches, pastas and even slushies.
Bianco Gelato is our go-to for traditional gelato – with vegan options to boot! They’re committed to using natural and organic non-GMO ingredients, and offer sugar free options, keeping things simple without compromising on quality.

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Easy to


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Miami Children’s Museum

Experience a world of play, learning, imagination, creation, and exploration at the Miami Children’s Museum and its fourteen captivating galleries brimming with interactive displays designed for all ages. Kids can engage in active fun by conquering the formidable “Mt. MiChiMu,” an adventurous rock wall, or scale the heights of the two-story “Castle of Dreams” sandcastle. For families seeking an educational journey, delve into the enigmas of the deep as you gaze into the mesmerizing 900-gallon marine tank of the “Ocean Odyssey” exhibit. They have two party packages that include a decorated party room – they have a few themes available to choose from – a host, a gift certificate for the birthday child and an arty activity. Food is an additional cost and must be ordered from their café.

Whether it’s a splashy poolside extravaganza, a thrilling adventure at one of the city’s interactive museums, or a chilled but vibey birthday dinner, Miami offers endless possibilities to suit every child’s imagination and interests. So, as you plan your next kids’ party, remember to keep in mind our Bal Harbor Birthdays for Kids in Miami! You’ll definitely leave both children and parents with smiles that radiate as brightly as the Florida sun.


Is Bal Harbor Beach free?

While Bal Harbor Beach remains accessible to the public without any cost, those seeking a more opulent experience complete with cabanas and additional comforts can consider reserving a stay at one of the exquisite oceanfront lodgings, such as The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor Miami, The St. Regis Bal Harbor Resort, and the inviting Sea View Hotel. And as we’ve seen, the kids dig a little St. Regis!

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