Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York

Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Musicals – who doesn’t love them? Okay, some find them cheesy, but I’d argue that movies such as La La Land and The Greatest Showman are the epitome of cultural entertainment. Music and dance are two things that never seem to fail to make the human heart sing and, with the days of The Sound of Music well behind us, we can look forward to epic musical and dance entertainment on the big screen as well as in our own backyards. Here’s some of the Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York for your child’s party.

Funiki Jam World Music & Theatricals

Professional off-Broadway shows, classes and school programs and kids’ parties surrounding the themes of theatrical music and dance. What could be better? They were voted Best Kids Music by Kidpass Parents’ Choice and Best NYC Kids Events by Time Out Magazine and they’re coming to you! Whether you have your party at home or at another venue, these professional theatre actors bring a part rock concert, part stage show that provides learning entertainment and loads of fun. Sing and dance your heart out here.

Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York Yombu Funiki Jam
Funiki Jam
Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York Yombu DJ Natalie
DJ Natalie
Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York Yombu Silent Disco
Silent Disco

DJ Natalie

Two hour DJing and games parties, with the option of a DJ lesson for the kids. How awesome! Karaoke, laser lights and dancers round up a thrilling and energetic party time. And let’s not forget the bubbles. She’s DJed for some celebrities too, including Scarlet Johansson and Claire Danes. Check her out here.

Rock ‘n Roll Playhouse

Book tickets to kid-friendly rock and pop concerts featuring the music of Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Queen and Ed Sheeran, all tailored for the children, with games, movement and stories – and parents love it too! Yes, that’s right, parents have to be present and cannot just drop the children and go. The kids will get to play freeze dance, run under a giant parachute and play, and dance in between rainbow streamers. For more information, check out their website.

Silent Disco at the New York City Fire Museum

Bazinga Parties has partnered with the New York City Fire Museum to offer 3 varieties of energetic and active kids’ silent discos.

Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Get all the

Bells & Whistles


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Kids at Work

Each child is nurtured at their own level and introduced to vibrant sing-and-dance as well as cooking classes. Their party package include a 30 minute session with a singer-guitarist to get the children moving and singing, though they do stay for the entire 2 hour party. There is also plenty of time for cake and pizza AND bubble fun to end it all off. It’s a wonderful facility to introduce the children to educational learning classes through sensory-motor activities and movement classes.

Go to the party or let the party come to you. Whichever way you choose to rock it, our list of the Best Music and Dance Entertainment in New York is sure to offer something you enjoy. Make it flame with a silent disco at the New York City Fire Museum, go all out theatrical with Funiki or rock the house down at Rock ‘n Roll Playhouse. Go educational with Kids at Work or let DJ Natalie boom it celeb style. Let us know which you’re keen to try!


What is the best dance for kids to start?

It depends on their personality. Jazz is for kids who love to perform and has a lot of big movements, whereas ballet is a big draw for girls who are gentle but also strong willed. Hip hop and tap are other popular dance styles that children try.

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