Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York

Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

The circus is not as dead as you’d think! It’s very much alive and well in New York, with some performances coming up for the month of August (more on that below). Since life with kids sometimes feels like a circus anyway, why not just go with it and bring the circus to their parties too? These are always a ton of fun, not just for obvious reasons. Hello, Greatest Showman for inspo! Let’s check out Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York.

Circus Events in New York

Head to any of these awesome events advertised by Eventbrite, including spectacular trapeze inspired by the smash hit musical Chicago, and an innovative LED inspired circus performance that will knock your socks off. If you just need a day out or want to kick off a circus-loving child’s birthday with the real-deal circus, then heading to any of these events is sure to be a wonderful way to start the festivities. Just be sure to check which are more family-friendly than others!

Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York Yombu Chaika Events
Chaika Events
Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York Yombu Neon Circus NYC
Neon Circus NYC
Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York Yombu Roc City New York
Roc City Birthdays

Chaika Events

Let them show off a minute and display their amazing circus-party talents. This is totally for those who want an all-out circus spectacular – circus tent, celebrity singer, concession stands, the whole shebang! So, if you have the space and budget for this three-ring circus to come to your home or venue of choice, Chaika Events can definitely pull it off – and they travel!

Neon Circus NYC

Instead of going to an LED circus event, why not create your own? Neon Circus NYC is the premium professional in glow-in-the-dark circus performances that never fail to astonish. They have aerial gymnasts, stilt walkers, jugglers, and contortionists. Coupled with that are LED wing dancers, the classic pantomime, dubstep robot dancing, and even an aerial bartender and mermaid characters for that touch of kiddie fun.

Circus Vendors

There are so many different ways that you can dress up the circus themed party, from classic circus reds and yellows and blues to pink carnival vibes. We love finding amazing vendors who can pull off the at-home circus party look without pulling a hamstring. From The Heart Events in Irvine rocks a circus themed party. Sweets By Gigi and Southern Sweets by Amy can get your sweet tooth singing, as well as getting your cookies and eating it too from Irvins . . . Iced. Kara’s Party Ideas has a load of inspirational carnival/circus themed party ideas and lists of vendors all over the US as well that can assist you in your need.

Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

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Circus Venues for Kids Parties

Your party host will be a circus instructor at Roc City, Rochester’s circus troop that also hosts birthdays and workshops to get circus-lovers involved beyond mere show attendance. Learn how to trapeze, bungee, or aerial – or all 3! – in the skillful, safe hands of trained instructors. If you dig it, you can even sign up for circus camp, where you get real about learning all it takes to be a performer. Otherwise just enjoy the festival running through September!

Check out some more circus venues for shows the kids will love:

Circus Vazquez
The Muse

Incorporating the magic of the circus into kids’ parties transforms ordinary celebrations into extraordinary memories. From whimsical decorations to thrilling activities, the circus theme sparks joy and wonder, leaving young hearts filled with laughter and excitement. Unleash your imagination and let the circus enchantment create a truly unforgettable experience for your little ones with these Spectacular Circus-Themed Parties in New York.


Does the Big Apple Circus still exist?

The most famous circus in New York closed its doors in 2021, after being sold to new owners. However, in November of that same year, the new owner, Nick Wallenda re-opened the circus at the Lincoln Center. It’s said that the future of the circus is uncertain, so please support them if you can and keep the nostalgia of circus life alive.

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