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Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York

Need to keep them busy or looking for an engaging experience? Try our Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New…
Yombu Blog Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York


Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 14, 2023

There’s a lot to do in New York – even for kids! And since we’re here for the little ones, we’ve put together a list of Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York. Think educational but fun, with delicious dining options to give it that necessary party feel. Plus a pop culture phenomenon that you HAVE to visit!

Small is Beautiful

Miniature art that’s on their level – literally. Small is Beautiful is a miniature art museum in New York that includes adorable exhibits like a mushroom garden and intricately carved pencil tips. If you have a group of 30+ people, you can book exclusive use of the museum. They don’t offer food or beverage services and you aren’t allowed to take in your own food, but there are many great outlets in the area. Some of our favorites include Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery, a beautiful French restaurant with delectable desserts and brunch menu items or a more comfortable Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company for the beloved New York staple. There is also Veniero’s Pastry and Ippudo for some traditional ramen and Japanese inspired dishes.

Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York Yombu Small is Beautiful
Small is Beautiful
Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York Yombu Museum of Ice Cream
Museum of Ice Cream
Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York Yombu Friends: The Experience
Friends: The Experience

American Museum of Natural History

The evening purple glow of the Akeley Hall of African Mammals is a stunning way to take a visit to the museum and make it a 5-star affair. The American Museum of Natural History is phenomenal in its exhibits and architecture, especially when one of their halls is transformed for your private event. If you’re choosing to rather make a day-trip out of it, you can also enjoy 4 dining options that range from café sandwiches and beverages to cheese platters and table-service dining overlooking the Kenneth C. Griffin Atrium.

Museum of Digital Experiences

Interact with emojis at the Museum of Digital Experiences, bringing your technological experiences to a creative reality. There are 14 digital only art exhibitions that create an interactive experience loved by children and parents alike. Their website was just like the venue – minimalist and leaving you wondering what will happen next. But don’t worry, they leave most of the excitement for the actual exhibitions.

Museum of Ice Cream

Dive into a pool of sprinkles or play mini golf, make slime (it’s edible!) or eat cotton candy all in this spectacular pink factory of fun that is known as the Museum of Ice Cream – and feast on unlimited ice cream too, of course! This will make any adult feel like a kid again and make every kid feel like they’ve gone to pink heaven. Their parties feel uber exclusive and include customizable goodie bags, signature beverages and multi-sensory play spaces. You can’t not.

Game of 1000 Boxes

Experience a live gameshow with your child! The room is completely enveloped in floor-to-ceiling digital screens that shoot flashes of light at you and implore you to take a gamble on one of many mini-games run by a live host. You stand behind your glowing podium, with your eyes trained on the screens, your heart pounding for what comes next. It’s quick-thinking, brainwork fun that can’t be missed.

Exciting Interactive Entertainment for Kids in New York Yombu Events
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FRIENDS: The Experience

As in, ‘I’ll be there for yooooou’!!!! You can experience the Friends set, complete with operational Central Perk Café right here in New York. Their location at 130 E 23rd St (corner of 23rd St and Lexington Ave) has two floors of interactive experiences, where you can sit in Monica and Rachel’s living room, or pose on the iconic orange couch. You can opt for the private access experience, available before they open to the public in the morning. You can also buy loads of Friends merch – the perfect birthday gift.

Okay, so The Friends Experience isn’t exactly a museum, but it should be! We like giving comprehensive interactive entertainment options in New York, because we’re here for you! I’m still not over my Friends experience. The others are awesome too! Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most. I think I know!


What entertainment is NYC known for?

Old school Coney Island fun and BROADWAY! Brilliant museums and top sporting events. From the Roosevelt Island Tram to the beauty of Central Park and its many interactive playgrounds, there are some things you can only find in New York.

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