How to Dress Up for a Hawaiian Themed Party

How to Dress Up for a Hawaiian Themed Party by Yombu
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Aloha, party people! Hawaiian-themed parties are like a tropical vacation without having to attend the destination. So, get in the spirit of the party by embracing the theme with an amazing outfit. You’re probably in need of some ideas on how to dress up for a Hawaiian-themed party. Don’t worry because with our tips below, we’ve got you covered!

What is a Hawaiian-Themed Party?

A Hawaiian-themed party celebrates the culture and traditions of the state of Hawaii. It is a fun and casual get-together with a tropical theme, decorations, food and drinks, music, and activities. It’s an island paradise for all the guests, but it’s not on the actual island of Hawaii!

Match an Aloha Shirt with a Pair of Shorts or Trousers in Plain or Neutral Colors

A Hawaiian-themed shirt is enough to add that pop you’re looking for on its own, which is why it’s great to pair it with a neutral bottom. A pair of light and airy neutral shorts or trousers will not only be great for the warmer weather, but it will also add a seamless transition between the two colors.


• For a more sophisticated evening look, opt for black pants paired with a white or gray aloha shirt.
• If there’s a party that has a competition for the best dressed, you’re going to want to stand out! Wear a multicolored aloha shirt with a tan pair of shorts.

How to dress up for a Hawaiian themed party Yombu
Fabulous aloha shirts
How to dress up for a Hawaiian themed party Yombu
The maxi dress
How to dress up for a Hawaiian themed party Yombu
Leis are a must

For Ladies, wear a Dress that brings out the Summer Vibe

Ladies, nothing says summer like a sundress! They’re not only light and flowy, which makes them perfect for those hot days, but they’re also so feminine. For the Hawaiian theme, make sure your dress makes a statement. It must be floral with bright colors like pink and yellow. If you want to wear a top and skirt, make sure some colors are bright and tropical.


• A hibiscus flower clipped on the side of your hair while wearing an all-out floral and flowy maxi dress paired with a neutral wedge is just gorgeous!
• An elegant dress type is an eye-catching A-line silhouette dress.

Add Bright Colors to Your Outfits

Hawaii is a place that represents fun and festivities, and it’s also a place that represents the beauty of nature. So, by wearing bright colors with your outfits, they will add and represent the beautiful and bright Hawaiian culture.

Choose Floral Prints with Large Flowers/Wear Print Fabrics with Big Blooms or Polka Dots

I mean, who can resist floral print? I know we can’t. The patterns will evoke a sense of the Hawaiian aesthetic, and the colors will bring out the aloha spirit. So go ahead and fill your wardrobes right now with these aesthetically pleasing Hawaiian prints!


• A dress that is a darker shade of black or brown and filled with bold and bright neon flower prints all over the dress is enough to make you feel like a million bucks! Add on your favorite matching flower crowns, pop on your heels, and be ready for so many compliments!
• Polka dots, or as we like to call them, “happy dots,” add that vintage appeal to your Hawaiian flare! So why not wear a traditional and beautiful polka dot muumuu?

Wear Your Most Colorful Accessories Without Thinking Twice

Clothes without colorful accessories are like a night without stars—so dull! For that extra pizzazz, accessorize to bring a little bit of the party atmosphere with you wherever you go! You’re going to be turning heads, and you’ll feel fabulous while you do it!

How to Dress Up for a Hawaiian Themed Party Yombu Events
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Remember the Leis

Don’t forget to finish off your look by adding a symbol of good luck, welcome, warmth, and affection with a Leis (a traditional Hawaiian accessory)! It consists of a necklace, bracelet, or anklet made from flowers, shells, kukui nuts, feathers, or most commonly from the plumeria lei, which is made from a large purple flower that grows on a shrub in Hawaii.

Wearing leis is important when attending a Hawaiian-themed party because they are one of the most iconic and recognizable symbols of the Hawaiian Islands. It also helps to create those incredible island feels with a sense of paradise and warmth, which is a core part of the Hawaiian aesthetic. Plenty of party stores sell them or if you’re feeling creative go on and make your own!

Bright, bold, and expressive- the Hawaiian culture is simply beautiful! While there is no specific dress code it’s ideal to remember that your attire, when attending these themed parties, should be all about florals, color, accessories, and breathable outfits. Now go and hula your way into a great time!

What will you be wearing to your next Hawaiian-themed party? We’d love to know what your outfit of choice will be, so leave us a comment below telling us what you’re planning to wear!


What colors are Hawaii themed?

The perfect Luau colors are warm colors like orange and yellow, with pink and a natural green – just like the colors of sunset and palm trees.

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