How To Plan A Party in Central Park

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There is so much to do in Central Park, where do you even begin? If you’re wondering how to plan a party in Central Park, then let us show you! From the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain to the Great Lawn, it can be hard to decide what to do in the 843 acre magnificence. So let’s start with the foundations and work our way up from there. Are you ready?

Get Permission

First things first, right? No good rocking up with your crew and you didn’t know you needed a permit for groups of 20 or more. However, the kind folk at the New York Department of Parks and Recreation are easy to please and let you know how to obtain a permit. It takes 21-30 days to process a permit, so planning ahead is essential. Here is your guide to obtaining a permit for an event in Central Park.

How to plan a party in Central Park Yombu
So many locations!
How to plan a party in Central Park Yombu
Be weather ready
How to plan a party in Central Park
Yummy food

Choose A Location

Central Park is vast, so select a suitable area that accommodates your party size and desired ambiance. Popular spots include Sheep Meadow, The Mall, Bethesda Terrace, or one of the many picnic areas. You can also check the nearby amenities for these areas. Central Park offers various amenities like restrooms, drinking fountains, and even barbecue areas. Here’s a list of loo’s for your luau – and it will give you some location ideas too!

Prepare for the Weather

Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If it’s a sunny day, provide sun protection like sunscreen or umbrellas. If rain is expected, have a backup plan or consider renting a tent or canopy. The weather can also influence whether you have blankets or just chairs and tables as well as the activities and entertainment you opt for to keep your guests engaged, such as games, music, or even hiring a live performer (Yombu, hint hint).

The Grub

Determine whether you want to cater the party or have a potluck-style gathering. Arrange for the food and beverages accordingly. If you’re planning a picnic, pack a variety of delicious snacks, drinks, and finger foods. There are tons of food options in Central Park, like cafés, restaurants and concession stands. Tavern on the Green has an awesome outdoor area with pretty lanterns in the trees that is perfect for a balmy summer’s evening. Grab some yum at Danny Meyer’s Public Fare opposite Delacorte Theater, home of Shakespeare, an ‘upscale’ concession that gives you more than hotdogs or tacos, with some large-enough-for-two cookies that are the right combo of chewy and crunchy.

How To Plan A Party in Central Park Yombu Events
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You Can Actually Just Ask the Experts!

Not Yombu, though we certainly are experts. How sweet you are. No, we mean Central Park! They offer party packages for a variety of social gatherings, including kids parties, that provide set up, set down, food and entertainment. Their menu includes baguettini selections, veggies, apples, chips, water and lemonade, plus Baked by Melissa cupcakes for some additional yum. If you love the Carousel in Central Park then you’re in luck – they have a package for that too, and it includes private use of the carousel! But if you prefer freewheelin’ it – and we don’t mean Ramblin’ Dave – then let’s just say Yombu provides some awesome entertainment.

Check out Central Park’s Party Packages here and their picnics-on-the-go here.

You can’t go wrong with Central Park. Everyone in New York loves it and everyone who isn’t in New York wants to come here just to see this icon. We hope our list of How To Plan A Party in Central Park was helpful. Let us know how your party goes – post a pic and tag us on our Instagram @yombuevents. We can’t wait to see!


What is the most popular part of Central Park?

The Bow Bridge is one of the most photographed locations in the park. Want to know which of the other locations are super popular? Check out this article.

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