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Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Parties in New York

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Yombu Blog Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Parties in New York


Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole  |  Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Let’s dive into Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Parties in New York. The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child and it hasn’t gone out of fashion since – it’s just evolved a bit. Chances are your little girl is a fan of the red-haired mer-woman. If so, this is for you!

The DIY Splurge

Even the founders of online style magazines are in it to win it with mermaid parties. Ceci of Ceci Style sets out to create amazing parties for her children every year. The invitations were in the shape of a shell, in soft and dreamy colors like lavender, coral and aqua, creating the feeling right from first invite. That also sets the tone for the party’s decor, extending to the balloon garlands and backdrops and even the food. Read more here.

Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Parties in New York Yombu
SeaGlass Carousel
Ariel the Little Mermaid for Hire in US Yombu
Hire a pro
Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Parties in New York Yombu
New York Aquarium

The Battery

If you’re heading out, then the SeaGlass Carousel at the Battery is a mesmerizing experience of pastel blues, greens and pinks, framed by a blue backlight for dramatic effect. Nestle into a coral and gently twirl between other corals in an underwater dance that mimics the swaying of shoals beneath the ocean surface. Visit between 11am and 9pm, 7 days a week – the morning is a glittering diamond show of sunlight and the evening is a moody, mystical underwater experience. Spend time playing in the Playscape, the multi-level landscape with slides, gardens, rivers and an improv puppet theater!

Hire A Professional

I mean, that’s why we’re here, right? We love helping parents on their party planning journeys, so we connect you with professionals quickly and easily through our online marketplace. We’re expanding all over the US to bring you party characters in the form of Disney princesses and Marvel and DC Comic superheroes, and guess what? That includes Ariel the Little Mermaid. You won’t believe your eyes when you see our Ariel the Little Mermaid character show up in your splash pool to spend the day with the children. Read more about this amazing service here.

Visit The Aquarium

What better way to feel ‘under the sea’ than to visit the aquarium? The PlayQuarium at the New York Aquarium is a wonderfully interactive and tactile experience for kids. They get to explore a kelp forest, coral reef, and the sandy shore and morph themselves into sharks, sardines, or whales, plus get a feel for the ocean depths with the marine touch pool. If mermaids aren’t your thing, then the aquarium’s sea lion or shark themed party is for you – and it’s not just imaginary. You get to see the seawater animals in action!

Mermaid and Ocean-Themed Parties in New York Yombu Events
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Learn How To Swim Like A Mermaid

New York Mermaid will teach your little ones to swim like one! Whether at home or at a special pool at your chosen venue, Lanai will impress with her speedy underwater swims, tail slaps and backflips. Your little ones will want to dive in after her – but thankfully, they’ll be able to catch a ride on her back too!

Mermaid and ocean-themed parties in New York are about more than mermaid cakes. Experience the ocean on dry land with the beautiful SeaGlass Carousel, New York Aquarium and a visit from Ariel herself. Whether you have a huge backyard bash or an educational excursion, there is always a way to incorporate a little splash and sun. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite!


Who plays Ariel in The Little Mermaid 2023?

Halle Bailey (not to be confused with Halle Berry) is a 5-time Grammy award winner for her musical talents and plays Ariel in the new version of the original 1989 animated classic.

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