Our Favorite Kids Party Venues in Brooklyn

Our Favorite Kids Party Venues in Brooklyn by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Are you ready for our absolute Favorite Kids Party Venues in Brooklyn? If you live in the bustling Brook (as I like to call it) and are wracking your brain for some places to take the kids on their special day that also allows you to not have to stress about doing it all yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the love right here.

Twinkle Playspace

For the little shining stars in your life – ages 6 and under only, though. Twinkle Playspace is designed exclusively for toddlers and young children for an imaginative party experience. This whimsical indoor playground features interactive play structures, sensory exhibits, engaging activities and bright and colorful decor. They have two party packages that can encumber balloons, pizza and juice, party favors and cupcakes. The more premium package of the two has the option to have the decor, cupcakes and favors themed, plus a personalized gift bag for the birthday child.

Brooklyn Game Lab - Our Favorite Kids Party Venues in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Game Lab
The Painted Pot - Our Favorite Kids Party Venues in Brooklyn
The Painted Pot
Childs Play New York Party Venues in Brooklyn
Childs Play NY

Alice’s Tea Cup

I love Alice’s Tea Cup because of its lovely outdoor blue seating area that makes for a semi-formal, yet fun tea party experience for little girls. It’s an enchanting venue that offers a magical setting with its Alice in Wonderland-inspired decor. Children can enjoy a delightful tea service with delicious treats, including finger sandwiches and freshly baked scones. I love inviting guests to dress up in Alice themed outfits – top hats on kids are too adorable! They have a variety of scone flavors, with cream and preserves, finger sandwiches, dessert and, of course, the tea, which will be non-caffeinated for the little ones.

Childs Play

Party at a kids’ theater school! Child’s Play is a world of imagination dreamed up by the stars of the show. The parties are led by professional actors who allow the children to have their turn in the spotlight, expressing their inner dreams and creativity in a fun and safe environment with their friends. Games are molded to a plot to be ‘acted out’ through a story they create or through a known kid’s literature story. 

Brooklyn Game Lab

If your child is a fan of board games and interactive gaming, Brooklyn Game Lab is the perfect party venue. This unique space combines education and entertainment, offering a wide variety of board games and tabletop experiences. Professional Game Masters guide the kids through exciting gameplay adventures, ensuring an engaging and immersive party experience. They also have a totally outdoors option for fun too, which includes ‘an arsenal of flying discs, hoops, cones, beanbags, balls and more’.

The Painted Pot

Unleash your child’s artistic side at The Painted Pot, a pottery painting studio that offers creative and crafty party experiences. Children can choose from a wide selection of pottery items to paint and personalize, such as mugs, plates, and figurines. With the guidance of skilled instructors, kids can let their imagination run wild and create unique masterpieces. The Painted Pot provides party packages that include dedicated studio space and all the necessary materials for a memorable artistic celebration. You bring the cake, drinks and favors. They’re all business but it’s creatively fabulous!

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Area 53

Laser Tag for the win! Area 53 is an immersive and mind-bending experience that combines mystery, puzzles, and adventure. I was super impressed by the meticulously designed environment, filled with tons of trippy lighting and arty aesthetics. Kids can enjoy Skyrail, rock climbing, roller skating, laser maze, massive slides, battle beams and arcade games. For a more private experience, book out one of their party rooms.

Brooklyn never fails to deliver when it comes to unique and exciting kids party venues. Try one and let us know how it goes! You can ensure a birthday party that not only entertains but also inspires and engages young minds. We hope it’s a smasher!


What age should kids have parties?

Any age is good for having fun! With all the variety of venues these days that cater for babies up to teenagers, you can decide to have your little one’s birthday out of the home before they’re even out of diapers.

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