Top 5 Party Favor trends for Kids parties in New York

Top 5 Party Favor trends for Kids parties in New York by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

It’s a lovely gesture to give children a thank-you gift for celebrating your child’s birthday – I mean, kids have schedules too, right? At least these days. So, in between running between swim meets and other kids parties, it’s nice to show some appreciation and send some of the party home with them. So, what do you put into these party favor bags to wow little inquisitive minds? There are lots of options, and it usually depends on your budget – key chains, note pads with pens, sweets, chips, yo-yos, Rubik’s cubes, stickers, fake tattoos (unless you don’t want to encourage them too young) and all other kinds of items that you could also align to your party’s theme.

If you want to take a page from a celeb’s book and the ‘swag bags’ they receive at the Oscars that include an on-call IV drip service for vitamin boosts (among other things), or a crypto currency token to enlarge their virtual wealth, and it’s in your budget, then why not? But we probably won’t be gifting our kids with tickets to a luxury cruise. Instead, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Party Favor Trends for Kids Parties in New York that are slightly more in reach.

Waffle on A Stick Voucher

For about $5.49 you can get a delicious waffle on a stick from Sweet ‘n Salty in Syracuse. The waffles come in all shapes and sizes, including a pizza slice waffle with chocolate sauce and Smarties (I think this was just for the picture; you can choose your own toppings and sauce. And they call it a pyramid waffle, but I thought of pizza when I saw it), and corndog shaped waffles, heart shaped waffles and something called zipper waffles, which are also long and thin like the corndog waffle but taper slightly at the top. Yum!

Top 5 Party Favor trends for Kids parties in New York Yombu
Waffle on a Stick
Top 5 Party Favor trends for Kids parties in New York Yombu
Top 5 Party Favor trends for Kids parties in New York Yombu
Egg Mazing


It’s never too early to start moisturizing. This is an awesome gift for little girl spa parties and can be relatively inexpensive. Since the little dames’ skins are still as smooth and supple as a baby’s bum, you probably don’t need to haul out the cannabis infused cream just yet, but if you want to splurge, Macy’s has a hemp infused cream for $40 a pop. Otherwise, check out this post on the best skin care products for kids. You can get Bella B’s daily moisturizer from the pros themselves (get 10% off your first purchase) or from Amazon. It boasts a yummy infusion of fragrances like cocoa butter, shea butter and mango.

Egg Mazing

Alright, we’ll take a cue from the 2019 Grammy’s after all. Besides the fact that this is not the sort of item you’d expect in a celeb swag bag, the Egg Mazing egg decorating device from Amazon might be just the thing to help stressed celebs release their inner child. It comes complete with a set of colorful markers that you can use to make any combination of designs you want.

Top 5 Party Favor trends for Kids parties in New York Yombu Events
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Baby Shark Song Doll

Okay, another one from the 2019 Grammy’s. Apparently even celebs can’t escape the hype that is Baby Shark. I must admit, the soft yellow baby shark doll is quite adorable. Perfect for a Baby Shark themed party, or even a generic sea creature or mermaid party with a twist. We don’t think Baby Shark can pass for Flounder, but perhaps some little girls will be delightfully surprised by this gift.

Kid Purses

You can get very stylish purses for children right from Amazon. Some are themed, such as with Frozen’s favorite sisters splashed on the front, or Minnie Mouse ears, complete with bow. Some even contain pretend make-up for toddlers. There are also TikTok cross-body bags and glittery unicorn totes. If you buy them empty, you could even use them as the party favor bags themselves.

Other Ideas

Cookies with ‘Eat Me’ on them – Alice in Wonderland theme
Vintage hankies
Royal blend tea – tea parties
Miniature photo frame

Dress them up or down – our Top 5 Party Favors for Kids Parties in New York give a fresher approach to the otherwise sweets and chips laden gift. You can choose to go as simple or as fancy as your budget allows. Remember, there is no rule that says party favors are a must – it’s totally up to you! If you opt for these, let us know in the comments what some of your faves were!


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