Top Transportation-Themed Parties in New York

Top Transportation-Themed Parties in New York by Yombu
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There’s something utterly captivating about the enchanting world of trains that captures the imagination of children and adults alike. The sight of those majestic locomotives, the rhythmic chugging of the wheels on the tracks, and the promise of exciting destinations make trains an irresistible fascination for little ones.
So, punch those tickets and join us on this exciting journey as we explore the wonderful world of train-themed parties for kids in New York. All aboard!

The Polar Express

If your birthday is in winter, then you have to hop onboard The Polar Express for cocoa, cookies and carols – and you get to go in your pyjamas! En route to the North Pole, you’ll be told the Polar Express story, anticipating meeting Santa and the elves when you arrive and then join them in singing carols. The entire event is 2 hours – a wonderful party for a child who loves not only trains, but the Polar Express movie, hot cocoa and Christmas carols! Get tickets here.

Top Transportation-Themed Parties in New York Polar Express New York Yombu
Polar Express
Top Transportation-Themed Parties in New York Yombu New York Transit Museum
New York Transit Museum
Top Transportation-Themed Parties in New York Scenic Train Rides New York Yombu
Scenic Train Rides

New York Transit Museum

This museum, situated in a subway station, is any train-loving child’s dream. They see thousands of children every year, who learn about science and engineering, with hands-on fun like ‘driving’ a bus and stepping into vintage train cars. See more about the New York Transit Museum here.

The New York Historical Society

The New York Historical Society is simply a stunning venue in itself. Added to its magnificence is the wonderland that is the Jerni Collection of toys and trains exhibited every winter. It also hosts a children’s museum, which teaches children about the country’s history and infuses story-telling and interactive displays for fun learning experiences. While the Society’s dining options are currently closed at the time of publishing this post, they are looking to open their dining services in the future. Plus they have stunning event venues for more elaborate soirées for older children, a breathtaking location for an elegant cocktail gathering.

Scenic Train Rides

Nothing helps clear the cobwebs like a visit to the countryside. Get a load of nature’s mountainous beauty with one of many scenic train rides departing from various stations in New York. This one requires a bit more planning, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the destination, but it can be an incredible adventure to explore a new part of the city and taste its local cuisine. If taking 15 energetic children along seems a complete nightmare, this can be an intimate family experience that the kids can tell their friends about later. After taking a look at this post, you won’t be able to resist!

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Long Island Live Steamers

On the second and last Sundays of the month from mid-May to end-October, parents and kids can ride mini-trains through the Southhaven County Park, a recreational ground that’s pine-oak and river features give it the feel of a mythical forest from a fantasy novel. You can also fish and horseback ride through its trails and picnic up a party at one of the park’s many sites.

There’s no doubt that in a fast-paced world filled with electronic gadgets and virtual experiences, children’s train rides offer a respite, encouraging them to be fully present in the moment, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Whether it’s a short ride through a local park or a grand adventure on a historic steam train, these journeys create cherished memories that will stay with children for a lifetime.


What is the most famous railway in New York?

The 20th Century Limited Train, which premiered in 1948, was once known as the most famous train in the world. It’s a 1940s train that offers luxurious dining and a stunning ride along the Hudson River Rail. Read more about this train, that made its way through New York earlier this year.

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