What To Do When It’s Raining in Miami

What To Do When It’s Raining in Miami by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Yes, Miami is the land of sun and sea – but winter comes and it rains . . . and then what? Well, if you’re a Miami local, or you’ve been keeping up with our awesome posts, you’ll probably know that your social life doesn’t need to go into hibernation when the sun does. So, let’s have a look at What To Do When It’s Raining in Miami.

Stay Dry and Have Some Yummy Food Indoors

When it’s gloomy out, comfort food tastes even better. True, you could also hop to one of Miami’s many oh-so-chic eateries for a delicious brunch munch. Or just a coffee. Need some inspiration? Here are our picks:

What To Do When It's Raining in Miami Yombu
Go brunch
What To Do When It's Raining in Miami Yombu Arcade Odyssey
Arcade It
What To Do When It's Raining in Miami Yombu Lapis Spa
Lapis Spa

Go Shopping

Need a cozy new blanket for the wetter weather, or just want to browse? Lincoln Mall is littered with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. The central walkway is exposed but there is plenty undercover shopping and delicious restaurants to choose from. The Lincoln Road district is famous for outdoor events and upscale shopping that is also brilliant for sunny days.

Visit Arcade Odyssey

Take a trip to Arcade Odyssey in South Miami for a day filled with both classic and modern arcade games that will transport you back to the good old days. They hvae a vast collection of retro games, an extensive array of Pinball machines, and a state-of-the-art Lan Center and Esports Arena. They also have yummy bubble tea, sake, ramen, yakisoba, and an assortment of Japanese snacks. All ages are warmly welcomed to join in the fun.

Go Ice Skating (or Roller Skating)

Kendall Ice Arena stands as Miami’s largest indoor ice-skating rink, offering you a fleeting escape to a world of winter wonder! When was the last time you enjoyed the thrill of skating? Rent a pair of skates and dance to the rhythm of live DJ music. Alternatively, if you prefer a more retro, old-school vibe, skip the frosty atmosphere and head to Super Wheels. Here, you can sport your quad skates and relive the nostalgia of classic roller skating.

What To Do When It’s Raining in Miami Yombu Events
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Sky Dive . . . Inside

iFly offers an exhilarating indoor flight chamber adventure that propels you into the air, replicating the sensation of free-falling, akin to skydiving. But don’t worry, an experienced instructor will be right there with you, guiding you through every step. The entire journey, from the informative pre-flight training to the flight itself, takes just under two hours. It’s a unique and extraordinary way to transform a lackluster day into a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled adventure you won’t soon forget.

Go to the Spa

For my ladies! I mean, why not? Take your daughters and introduce them to pamper-me self-love. Tranquil moments and the soothing symphony of rain sound wonderful at Lapis Spa. Nestled within the opulent Fontainebleau Miami Beach, this colossal upscale spa offers co-ed plunge pools, invigorating rain showers, rejuvenating saunas, and an impressive array of 30 private treatment rooms. Should the skies clear, you’ll also have the opportunity to bask in the sunshine by the hotel’s pool, as spa guests are granted access to the resort’s public amenities.

Miami offers a diverse array of indoor activities, from ice skating at Kendall Ice Arena to defying gravity at iFly. For those seeking relaxation, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s upscale spa provides a haven of tranquility, complete with rain showers, saunas, and private treatment rooms. No matter your preference, you’ll never be stuck wondering What To Do When It’s Raining in Miami.


Which is the rainiest month in Miami?

In Miami, January stands out as the driest month, recording only 1.88 inches of precipitation, while August takes the title for the wettest month, with a significant 8.63 inches of rainfall.

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