Why You Should Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Why You Should Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday by Yombu
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Last updated:  November 14, 2023

Life is precious. Let’s see why.

It’s A Privilege To See Your Child Grow Up

Folks didn’t exaggerate when they said that the love you have for your child is a kind of love you never feel until you have one. And that’s true. Children cannot fathom the depth of the love a parent has for them – they can take cues from your behavior, speech, affection. Yes, also by how you provide for their physical needs, but the experience of childhood goes beyond that. The laughter and joy that a child experiences (as well as the heartache, let’s be real) can stay with them for a long time, often under cover, until something reminds them. You get to be there for that process and facilitate it.

You can’t control who your child becomes, but you can certainly provide the environment for growth – it’s amazing to see their individual personalities come through, especially if you have more than one child. Are they introverted or extraverted? Do they like music or books? Are they starting to look and behave more like me or my mother in law? I joke. (My mother in law is a powerhouse woman who raised three amazing sons and I’m grateful to be married to one of them).

Why You Should Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Yombu
Interests can become passions
Why You Should Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Yombu
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Why You Should Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Yombu
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Cultivate Your Child’s Interests

My husband plays guitar in the worship team at church, so I often get to watch them rehearse. Once a month, they have a 2-hour jam session to rehearse a new song they want to introduce into their repertoire. It’s a family affair, with spouses and kids and yummy snacks. I saw one couple’s newest addition take hold of a pair of drum sticks and start banging on the couch pillows. Now, one could take the sticks away and scold them or they could allow their curiosity to develop into a bonafide passion for music. What you feed, grows. What you starve, dies.
Themes aren’t just themes. If your child loves Ariel the Little Mermaid, why do they love them? Is it Ariel’s soft heart, or curiosity? What aspects of their character does your child identify with? Are they curious? Their thirst for knowledge might seem immature now, but a truly curious mind can go on to become a student of life, a wise soul, a researcher who seeks answers to life’s hardest problems and illnesses and can make a real difference in the world.

It’s Not About The Budget

Here at Yombu, we want to cater to everyone’s needs. We want to provide options for the stressed, DIY parent and the executive who needs a party planner. It’s not about the size of your budget. Your party can’t be measured by how much it costs – your child has no concept of money, anyway. No amount of money can ever buy your child’s worth in currency, or buy the experience of seeing them grow up and become who they were meant to be. That’s priceless. That’s why we take every step to provide quality entertainment for busy parents who don’t have time to plan. The backyard barbeque is just as awesome as the blow-out bash.

Life Is To Be Celebrated

No matter the size of the party, birthdays are meant to be celebrated. I still love celebrating mine (sometimes I overthink it, but I’m working on it). Often it ends up being the simple things that matter the most, the people who come, rather than what we end up doing. My parents often say that when you get to their age that you stop wanting to celebrate birthdays. I think I’ll still want to celebrate mine. Sure, you might get more contemplative and think about the end of life, but you can also see your legacy forming in who you have around you – children and grandchildren, who you raised and help raise, who have become a product of the care your provided and who are on their way to developing their individual identities. That’s awesome. So don’t stop celebrating your birthday and don’t stop making a fuss about your loves ones’ birthdays. They deserve to feel special and life is meant to be celebrated – it’s a gift.

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Get Your Family Involved

It takes a village to raise a child and it’s amazing to have the help and support of family. So, why not enlist that help and support for your child’s birthday? Godparents love to spoil their godchildren. Aunties and uncles find incredible joy in seeing their siblings step into the role of parent and witness the growth that comes from being responsible for a little human being. My dad turned 70 a few months back and his sister was instrumental in helping us plan his surprise party. She loves party planning, she’s super creative. Why are we so reluctant to admit that we need help? Folks are often delighted that you consider them suitable to assist you with a task. It’s humbling for you and encouraging for them – a win-win.

So, will you have a party? A lunch? A play date? Something, to let your child know that the day they were born is important? Will you ask your village to get involved? The best childhood birthdays I had were with all 18 of my aunts and uncles and numerous cousins present. We’re also here to help! Whether you just need advice, or a professional entertainer, we will do all we can to also help facilitate these specials moments in your family’s journey.


Why is it important to rejoice?

We are called to joy, not hopelessness and negativity. We should focus on our blessings, instead of our sufferings. Suffering is unavoidable, but joy is the antidote. Double your joy by sharing it with others and seeing how your encouragement makes a difference in their life.

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