How To Throw A Rockstar Party

How To Throw A Rockstar Party by Yombu
Author: Chanel Georgopoulos
October 11, 2022

Not all little girls want a Disney themed birthday party. In fact, some little girls like it funky, with disco balls and netted gloves. So, chuck out the rule book and let us show you how to throw a Rockstar Themed Birthday Party.

1) Rocking Decor

We are totally inspired by Birthday In A Box, who provides literally everything you need for the ultimate in party planning. Basically, it’s as their name states – they ship everything you need for any themed party, in a box, to your door – as quickly as overnight! So, if you need to plan a party in a hurry, check them out for inspo!

2) Rockstar Food

While some Rockstar’s live on vodka and cigarettes, the little rockstars at your party definitely want some real food – and cake! We love us some microphone ice cream cones, and CD cookies, cider in plastic champagne glasses and chocolate fondue with pretzels, fruit and marshmallows. Haley Cakes and Cookies does a yumcious rockstar themed cake!

Rockstar Party Yombu
Rockstar Cake
Rockstar Party Yombu
Rocking Face-Paint
Rockstar Party Yombu

3) Give ‘Em Tattoos

Not real ones, obviously. You can get great temporary tattoos on Amazon and set up a tattoo parlor in one corner of the room. If you’re feeling brave, you can dress the part of a rockstar yourself, with a few temporary tattoos on your own arms and maybe gel your hair in a funky style, so really look the part of a rockstar tattoo artist.

4) Karaoke Is A MUST

What is a rockstar party without some singing and dancing? Have a sing off of classic rock songs – if your kids know them – or use popular kid favorites like Camp Rock, or even High School Musical. You can purchase kids karaoke machines from Annabelle’s Gifts. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving – you’ll unlock a future rockstar for sure! Alternatively, you can hire it here.

How To Throw A Rockstar Party Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

Get all the

Bells & Whistles


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5) Dino Themed Cake

Bands like Kiss made face-paint famous in the rock sphere, so why not give the little ones a makeover too? Yombu’s professional face-painters have years of industry experience and working with children. It is their passion to help kids – and parents – have the best party experience possible. They have amazing combo party packages with additional services and singular entertainment to suit any vision and budget.

Doesn’t that list just make you want to sing? With our How-To expertise in throwing a Rockstar Themed Birthday Party, you’ll have plenty of energy leftover to jump on the karaoke machine with the children too. Happy rocking!


What do you do at a rockstar party?

Rock Drop – this is just like musical bumps, but instead of sitting down, the children drop to their knees in a rockstar guitar pose.

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The Author: Chanel Georgopoulos
Chanel is a Content Writer and Party Planning Specialist at Yombu, where she writes blog articles, party planning guides, and other resources to help parents and party planners throw amazing Birthday parties.

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