How To Throw a Spiderman Party

How To Throw a Spiderman Party by Yombu
Author: Seth Van Oudtshoon
November 13, 2022

As far as themes for Birthday parties go Spiderman seems to transcend time and has remained trendy for almost 30 years. With countless Children still obsessed with the swinging superhero the Spiderman themed parties aren’t going away anytime soon. If like many parents out there you find yourself wondering about how to throw a Spiderman party, this guide is for you. Fortunately as Spiderman is a popular theme gathering ideas for the perfect Birthday bash was a piece of cake (Pun intended), below you will find our take on the perfect Spiderman bash along with links to resources and ideas to make it fantastic and unforgettable. If you find this guide exceptionally helpful considering hiring a Spiderman Character from Yombu to wow the little guests or a face-painter to turn the kids into Spiderman (Or woman).

1) Spiderman Invites and Printable’s

As usual there is a large selection of Spiderman Party Printable’s to pick from but some of our absolute favourites can be found below: 

Spiderman Printable’s: Party Hooray

Although not specifically Spiderman (He is however included) we are including this Superhero party printable set from Sunshine Parties as it’s freaking adorable.

2) Spiderman Themed Cakes and Treats

We love the variety of Spiderman themed cupcakes and cakes you can find online with Pinterest being one of the best places to locate an amazing cake design, below are some of our favourites for inspiration or referencing when dealing with your preferred bakery. 

For a healthy alternative these adorable Spiderman Strawberries are a must have, the recipe for them can be found here: Delish

Spiderman Birthday Cake for a Spiderman Themed Kids Party by Yombu
Two Layer Spiderman Cake
Spiderman Strawberries Spiderman Themed Kids Party by Yombu
Spiderman Strawberries
Spiderman Cupcakes for a Spiderman Themed Kids Party by Yombu
Spiderman Cupcakes

3) Spiderman Decor

Spiderman themed decor is readily available and can be found at any local party shop or ordered online from Party City who have Spiderman themed; cups, plates, napkins, loot bags, bunting, tablecloths and loads more: Party City

4) Spiderman Themed Games and Activities

It’s not a complete party without some Spiderman themed games to keep the little ones busy throughout the Birthday bash, here are some of our favourites that are easy to play and organise DIY style:

Spiderman Web Maze – It is easy to make and a ton of fun for the little ones providing countless hours of fun. Use red yarn and tape to create a Spiderweb like maze in any hallway or room, have the Children line up and try make their way through it without touching the spiderwebs. (For older Children use a stop watch to time them completing the maze)

Pin the emblem on Spiderman – The title says it all.. A take on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and a great way to keep the little ones entertained.

Spiderman Pinata – Available at most party shops, it’s the perfect end to any party. Our suggestion is to purchase Spiderman loot bags and let the little ones fill them up as an alternative to a party pack.

How To Throw a Spiderman Party Yombu Events
Quality Kids Party Entertainment

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5) Party Entertainment – Spiderman Style

If you happen to live in a City where the Yombu marketplace is operating you can hire some of our absolutely amazing kids party entertainers to keep the little ones busy with Spiderman themed face-painting or balloon art.

Alternatively hiring an entertainer to dress up as Spiderman and entertain the little ones is also a great addition to any kids party. 

Spiderman Balloon Twister Kids Party Entertainment Yombu
Spiderman Themed Face-painting
Spiderman Characters Spiderman Themed Kids Party by Yombu
Spiderman Character for Hire
Balloon Twister Spiderman Kids Party Entertainment Yombu
Spiderman Balloon Twisting

Boom, boom, pow! Thats it from us, hopefully your Spiderman party is off to a great start with that list of Awesome Spiderman themed activities and ideas. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any other great resources or ideas for a Spiderman Birthday Bash and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all of our latest ideas and posts.


When is Spiderman’s Birthday?

Spiderman’s Birthday was confirmed as the 10th of August in Spiderman: Far from home. However there has been some confusion around the date which is why August the first is most commonly known as Spiderman day for all true fans.

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