Coworking Spaces

Yombu offers self-serve payment terminals for coworking spaces and other member-based organizations. For facilities looking to offer their members drinks, snacks, sandwiches, or other items for purchase, Yombu’s payment terminal provides a way for members to grab items, pay, and go without need for a cashier. A member simply selects icons for each item on the payment terminal’s touchscreen and then pays by card or fingerprint.

The payment terminal offers standard in-person payments via a swiped credit or debit card. Members can also link their credit and debit cards to their fingerprint. This allows them to pay and earn loyalty at the same time, and they will never need a card again for future purchases. The system and screens are configurable based upon the needs of each coworking space.

The service includes access to an administrative portal for inventory management and transaction reporting. Reporting and features are optimized for both single and multi-location coworking offices.

You can find out more on Yombu’s payment and loyalty services in their respective sections on our website. If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch here.

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