Amusements & Entertainment

We offer fingerprint-based biometric solutions for family entertainment centers (FECs), including indoor play centers, trampoline parks, bouncy house facilities, laser tag locations, escape rooms, indoor obstacle and ninja courses, rock climbing gyms, gymnastics facilities, and more. Yombu also serves amusement and theme parks, waterparks, and similar resort locations.

For FECs, Yombu’s core product is a fingerprint-linked liability waiver solution, which allows customers to quickly and securely re-enter a site. For FEC operators, this helps increase line speed and ensures that each individual has a signed liability waiver on file.

Yombu also helps amusement and FEC operators to mitigate ticket and entry fraud. By linking season passes or entry to an on-file fingerprint biometric, businesses can minimize losses and revenue leakage.

We offer a robust product line for FECs and amusement facilities, and we can build to suit requirements. Our system is integration-ready and fully configurable. Below, we discuss Yombu’s full suite of services, including waiver, entry, payment, loyalty, and game credit solutions. If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch here.

About us

Yombu is a software and biometric company focused on creating amazing, digital-first client experiences for all areas of the customer lifecycle.


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