Yombu offers biometric solutions for spa and wellness facilities, integrated to management and POS systems, including Mindbody and Clover. Yombu’s core service includes digital guest check-in and liability waiver verification, linked to a customer’s fingerprint for quick, easy, and secure check in at future visits.

Our digital guest check-in and liability waiver verification solution is ideal for spa and wellness facilities where members or guests must sign in. Guests can enter their information at the facility front desk via a tablet and link their fingerprint for a convenient way to sign into future appointments or visits.

Data entered on the tablet is securely sent to core management systems, such as Mindbody, for future use and recall. The process also allows guests to more easily self-serve for check-in, freeing on-site employees to focus on other activities and reducing FTE requirements.

The guest check-in solution can also be linked to card-on-file payment and customer loyalty programs. You can find out more about Yombu’s payment and loyalty services in their respective sections on the website. Our system is fully configurable to the needs of your spa and integration-ready.

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About us

Yombu is a software and biometric company focused on creating amazing, digital-first client experiences for all areas of the customer lifecycle.


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