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We had almost more fun then we should have writing up this handy guide to Kids Party Games. Here we cover all the basics of how to play them, where to set them up and how to find the games supplies as well as some simple tips and tricks to make sure you rock them old school. If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we discuss new party themes and share ideas and tips from the experts.

The Art of Tug of War

From Roman Gladiators to the Chinese and Greek warriors, Tug of War has long been popular and is the perfect way to practise teamwork while having fun together at parties. Check out our guide on how to make it happen at your party.

Sack Racing 101

Absolutely the most fun you can have in a Sack.. This hopping and bopping race has been popularised by School fundays and events Worldwide and is a must have for all outdoor Birthday bashes. Here is how play it at your next event.

Three Legged Race

Unless you are planning a party for real life Pirates.. The three legged race is a must-add to your party games repertoire and loved by Kids of all ages. Convinced..? Great, here is how to play it, rock it.. And make it memorable.

Egg and Spoon Race

Not only a way to transport a freshly boiled egg to the table, this unique kids party game has been enjoyed by everyone from Children to professionals. (Egg and Spoon Olympics anyone?) Now you can bing it to your party Yombu style.

Musical Statues (Freeze dance)

Ever since some genius somewhere had the earth shattering idea to shout "FREEZE!" during a dance. People of all ages have been enjoying this easy-to-organise game (Spoiler alert - You only need music). Here is how to play it like a Yombu pro.

Musical Chairs

Whether or not you believe the theory that this game was started in the Wild West at a bar with an attractive Bartender.. It is a must-add to your Kids Party Game arsenal. Incase you are also wondering how to play it.. Check out Yombu's handy guide.

Red Light, Green Light

Although not the game you want to be playing on your way home from work.. Red light, green light has seen a massive resurgence after the Squid Games series was released in 2022, and we highly recommend that you add it to your list of party games.

Tail Tag

You don't need a pet to play this one.. (We also don't advise trying it with any animals) Tail tag or Football flags is an active and fun Kids Party Game that is easy to organise and great fun to play. Here is our guide on how to play it successfully.


Don't be deceived by the common sounding name. (And no.. It isn't just stacking cups) Cups is a fun and entertaining Kids Party Game that we highly recommend you play at your next event. Here is how to play it by the Yombu party game Pro's.
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