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The hilarious and fun Three Legged Race is a Child’s favourite for parties and events around the World, check out…
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Written by (Author):  Seth Van Oudtshoon  |  Last updated:  November 13, 2023

For many years, both children and adults have enjoyed the fun and hilarious game of three-legged racing. This time-honored sport has its roots in Scotland, and has long been a mainstay of family reunions and field days at schools around the World. The game is a fantastic method of exercise, improving balance and coordination, and a means of engaging in an exciting competition with peers. In this post, we’ll outline how to organize a three-legged race for kids, along with some suggestions for how to make it entertaining, hilarious and exciting for your little party guests.

1) Why Plan a Three Legged Race?

Kids absolutely love three-legged races, because they’re so much fun, but did you know that there are also physical benefits ? Three-legged races not only improve their balance and coordination, but also encourage cooperation and teamwork. We can guarantee your children will not only have a blast taking part in the three legged racing, but will also learn useful skills that will keep them fit and help them later in life.

Three Legged Race by Yombu
Three Legged Race by Yombu
How to Plan a Three Legged Race by Yombu
How to Plan a Three Legged Race
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2) How To

Ready to set up the ultimate three-legged race for your little party guests, but not sure how to do it? Check out these simple steps that will ensure a successful and fun race for all your participants:

  • Find a suitable location, such as a park or a large open space, that is flat and has loads of grass, with a length of 50m and width of 10m.
  • Get the necessary racing materials together. You are going to need straps to tie the kids legs together – try for something stretchy but if you’re in a bind, regular bandanas will also do. Use cones to designate a start and finish line, or any other object you have on hand, like shoes or bags.
  • Divide the participants into teams of two. Try to match up the kids with partners of an equal height and weight. Racers are to stand side by side, with their inner legs tied together.
  • Make sure all participants understand the rules of the game.
  • Count down, three, two, one and let the race begin.
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3) Tips and Tricks

Knowing the benefits of three-legged racing and how to set one up might be all good and well, but what about actually doing it? Not everyone is used to running on three legs. So, here are some tips to help your little ones have a ton of fun and relax into the activity:

  • Communicate – Both partners need to be on the same page and aware of each other’s movements.
  • Small, steady steps are the most effective and help the kids avoid stumbling or tripping.
  • Teamwork – Three legged racing is the definition of teamwork and the team that works together usually wins.
  • Humor – Try keep a sense of humor when competing. Three-legged races can be a little wobbly, so don’t be afraid to laugh at yourselves and, most importantly, have fun!

4) Three Legged Race Variations

Interested in making your three legged race just a little bit more exciting? Check out these ideas for three legged race variations that will take your race to the next level.

Add an obstacle course: Set up some obstacles, cones or hurdles for the teams to climb over or run around on their way to the finish line.

Time the races: Turn it into a timed race to see which team can complete the course in the fastest time.

Get the adults involved: Pair the adults with the kids for a hilarious alternative to the traditional Three Legged Race. Not only is this a fun way to get the parents involved, it’s also hilarious to watch the mix-match pairs compete.

5) Three Legged Race rules

  • Stay Tied Together: Participants have to remain tide together throughout the race, the tied legs should remain connected. If the tie comes undone, participants have to stop and reattach it before continuing.
  • Stay in Your Lane: If you have designated lanes the racers have to remain in their own lanes and avoid obstructing other participants.. Which leads us to rule 3.
  • No Contact with Other Racers: Bumping, tripping or pushing other racers isn’t allowed and should lead to disqualification.
  • Start and Finish Lines: Racers should pay attention to the designated start and finish lines. Start only when the race official gives the signal, and stop at the finish line.

And that’s about it for the ultimate Three Legged Race How-To. We hope that you found it interesting, informative and that your upcoming Birthday bash is next level fun with this popular game. If you aren’t the DIY parent that loves planning your own party games, you can hire a super cool kids party entertainer on the Yombu marketplace. See more information here.


What is the World Record for the longest Three Legged Race?

The World Record was set by Gary Shaughnessy and Andy Tucker in England, Silchester on 9th and 10th of October, 2021. The team covered a whopping 117.1 Kilometres in 24 hours.

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