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Last updated:  November 6, 2023

Ever wished your child could meet their favorite Princess or Superhero character in person? Dreamt of Cinderella gracing your daughter’s birthday, or Spider-Man swinging by your son’s special day? Well, pinch yourself, because in the heart of Texas, dreams are about to get real! In this post we will guide you through Austin’s premier character-for-hire scene. Ready to add that cinematic touch to your next event? Check out our list of recommended companies that specialise in Party Characters for hire in Austin.

Lexi’s Little Princesses

Lexi’s Little Princesses is brings fairy-tale magic straight to your doorstep. Every princess, from Cinderella to Moana, is portrayed with authenticity, ensuring the delight of every young guest. Beyond the picture-perfect costumes, it’s the enchanting storytelling, interactive games, and captivating performances that truly set Lexi’s apart. For parents wishing to sprinkle their child’s celebration charm Lexi’s Little Princesses is a perfect choice.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 714-768-9408

Areas: Austin, TX

Bonzo Crunch

Donning vibrant colors and with infectious energy, this clown-extraordinaire transforms every party into a circus of giggles, wonder, and outright silliness. But Bonzo’s talent extends beyond just comedy; with a repertoire of magic tricks, balloon twisting, and slapstick comedy, he ensures a riveting performance that captivates both the young and the still young-at-heart.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 737-239-2201

Areas: Austin, TX

Our Recommended Characters for Hire in Austin Yombu Events
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EPIC Entertainment

We are big fans of Epic Entertainment, the party character company in Austin with a mission. Providing a wide range of party characters they bring the fun and energy to every party they take part in. For parents aiming for a party that’s not just fun, but truly epic in every sense we can highly recommend Epic Entertainment.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 512-952-5252

Areas: Austin, TX

How did we pick this list of party character Companies?

Great question! Our pick of the best kids party characters companies in Austin comes from having worked with them, been recommended to them by local parents and by doing some in-depth research. If we haven’t worked with them personally we make sure to check their reviews online, check the companies website to make sure it’s functioning and that all the contact details are up to date.

We realise that this list isn’t exhaustive and if you have other companies that you have used in Austin for your parties in the past, please let us know in the comments below so we can contact them about being listed here.

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    1. Jenna M.

      I have been on the hunt for someone to play Elsa for my daughter’s 8th birthday. It is very important to her as her father has finally come home to stay (he was in the military on and off since she was born). No one in my Facebook group knew who to recommend so I went on a hunt and found this site. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the recommendations. I got someone booked right away and they were fantastic about all the details.