Outdoor Party Venues in Baltimore

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Last updated:  January 2, 2024

Embark on a journey through the charm of Baltimore’s outdoor party venues, where celebrations meet nature’s beauty. From picturesque gardens to lively parks, our guide unveils the best al fresco settings for your next event. Whether it’s a birthday bash, family reunion, or special gathering, explore the scenic wonders and open-air spaces that Baltimore has to offer for unforgettable outdoor festivities.

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Monster Mini Golf Towson

Embark on a glow-in-the-dark adventure at Monster Mini Golf, where birthday celebrations come to life in a whimsical, otherworldly setting. Kids can navigate through creatively designed mini-golf courses, surrounded by vibrant, glowing monsters. With each putt, laughter echoes, making it an unforgettable and entertaining experience for birthday parties filled with fun and excitement.

Red Zone Adventures

Step into a world of thrilling fun at Red Zone Adventures, an ultimate destination for kids’ birthday parties. Excitement fills the air as young adventurers engage in heart-pounding laser tag battles, navigate obstacle courses, and conquer arcade challenges. With an array of activities, Red Zone Adventures ensures an action-packed celebration, creating lasting memories for every birthday star.

Outdoor Party Venues in Baltimore Yombu Events
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Pump It Up

Elevate birthday joy at Pump It Up, the inflatable party haven for kids. This dynamic venue transforms into a bounce-filled wonderland, featuring giant inflatables, slides, and interactive games. With private party rooms and dedicated staff, Pump It Up ensures a hassle-free celebration, where boundless energy and laughter take center stage for an unforgettable birthday bash.

National Aquarium

Dive into a world of aquatic wonders at the National Aquarium, where birthday parties take on an oceanic flair. Kids embark on a mesmerizing journey, surrounded by colorful marine life and engaging exhibits. With interactive activities and aquatic adventures, the National Aquarium provides an enchanting backdrop for a birthday celebration filled with discovery and marine marvels.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Transport young revelers to a realm of knights, jousting, and royal feasts at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. This unique venue combines thrilling live entertainment with a delectable feast, creating an immersive medieval experience. Perfect for adventurous kids, this regal celebration ensures a memorable birthday filled with chivalry, excitement, and royal camaraderie.

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