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Last updated:  October 31, 2023

Charlotte’s playground of possibilities awaits, parents! Are you ready to transform your child’s birthday into a celebration they’ll cherish forever? In the Queen City, we’ve got the secret recipe for unforgettable fun. From trampoline adventures to wild science escapades, Charlotte’s party venues are the stuff of dreams. Let’s explore the magic of these kid-friendly havens, where laughter, excitement, and pure joy are always on the menu!

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Sky Zone Trampoline Park

The ultimate destination for kids’ parties, offering a gravity-defying experience that guarantees non-stop fun. With wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, and exciting games, it’s an adventure-packed venue. Sky Zone’s party packages take the stress out of planning, providing private party rooms, dedicated hosts, and thrilling activities, making it the perfect place for unforgettable birthday celebrations.

DefyGravity Trampoline Park

An action-packed wonderland for kids’ parties. With an array of trampolines, foam pits, and challenging obstacles, it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure. The party packages are a hit, offering private rooms, attentive hosts, and jump time. It’s the go-to place for hassle-free, high-flying birthday celebrations that leave kids and parents smiling.

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SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord

SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord is a captivating underwater world that transforms kids’ parties into aquatic adventures. With an array of marine creatures, interactive displays, and an underwater tunnel, it’s an immersive experience. Birthday packages offer exclusive access, party rooms, and educational activities, making it the perfect venue for a unique and educational birthday celebration that leaves kids in awe.

Discovery Place Kids

Discovery Place Kids in Charlotte is an engaging wonderland for kids’ parties. With interactive exhibits, imaginative play areas, and hands-on learning experiences, it sparks creativity and curiosity. Their party packages include private rooms, science-themed activities, and a dedicated host, ensuring a fun and educational celebration that leaves children and parents thrilled with memorable moments of discovery and play.

Carolina Raptor Center

Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte offers a unique and educational experience for kids’ parties. With a diverse collection of raptors and engaging educational programs, it’s a place of awe and wonder. Their party packages include guided tours, up-close encounters with raptors, and the opportunity for children to learn about these magnificent birds. It’s the ideal venue for a fun and educational birthday celebration that leaves kids with a deeper appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Kangaroo Jake’s

Kangaroo Jake’s in Charlotte is a high-energy haven for kids’ parties. With its inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses, it’s a boundless adventure. Party packages come complete with private party rooms, attentive hosts, and endless bouncing fun. It’s the perfect place for a lively and active birthday celebration that leaves kids bouncing with joy.

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Small Hands Big Art

Small Hands Big Art in Charlotte is a delightful venue for creative kids’ parties. The studio offers a range of artistic activities and opportunities for young imaginations to flourish. Birthday packages provide art-themed experiences, including hands-on projects and a dedicated instructor, making it the ideal place for children to explore their artistic talents and celebrate their birthdays with creativity and flair.

Adventure Landing

Adventure Landing in Charlotte is an action-packed destination for unforgettable kids’ parties. With its mini-golf, arcade games, and go-karts, it’s a haven of amusement. Party packages include game tokens, private party areas, and food options, ensuring a day of non-stop fun. It’s the perfect venue for a lively and entertaining birthday celebration that leaves kids smiling.

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