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Outdoor Party Venues in Charlotte

Discover the best outdoor party venues in Charlotte! From parks to gardens, find the perfect setting for your next open-air…
Yombu Blog Outdoor Party Venues in Charlotte

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Written by (Author):  Rose Novotny
Last updated:  July 15, 2024

Charlotte’s vibrant outdoor scene is the perfect canvas for your next party adventure! It’s time to take the festivities outside and embrace the sunshine. From sprawling parks with picnic pavilions to enchanting gardens and scenic lakeside spots, the Queen City offers a host of outdoor party venues that will add a splash of natural beauty to your celebrations. Get ready to explore the top spots where laughter, games, and fun under the sun take center stage!

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Latta Park

Latta Park in Charlotte is a charming outdoor haven perfect for kids’ parties. Set amidst lush greenery and a picturesque pond, it offers a delightful backdrop for celebrations. With playgrounds and walking paths, kids can enjoy both playtime and nature exploration. The serene ambiance and ample picnic areas make it an ideal choice for outdoor birthday gatherings filled with laughter and joy.

McAlpine Creek Park

McAlpine Creek Park in Charlotte is a fantastic outdoor setting for kids’ birthday parties. With its spacious green fields, a scenic lake, and numerous picnic areas, it offers ample space for outdoor games, picnics, and fun activities. Nature lovers will appreciate the wooded trails and serene ambiance, creating a memorable and enjoyable environment for outdoor celebrations.

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Romare Bearden Park

Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte is a vibrant urban oasis perfect for kids’ parties. Its interactive fountains provide a refreshing way to beat the heat, while the adjacent playground keeps the little ones entertained. With its central location in Uptown Charlotte, it offers a convenient and lively backdrop for city-themed celebrations filled with laughter and outdoor excitement.


BounceU in Charlotte is a bouncing paradise that promises an unforgettable kids’ party experience. With its colorful inflatable play structures and dedicated party rooms, it’s a haven of active fun. Party packages come with attentive hosts, making sure your celebration runs smoothly. It’s the ultimate destination for high-energy birthday parties that leave kids bouncing with joy.

Just Play

Just Play – Charlotte is a dynamic outdoor venue tailor-made for kids’ parties. This adventure park boasts thrilling activities like obstacle courses, zip lines, and climbing walls, ensuring an action-packed celebration. The expansive open spaces provide plenty of room for games and fun, while party packages offer convenience and excitement, making it the ideal destination for kids seeking high-energy outdoor adventures.

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