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Last updated:  February 9, 2024

Bringing Stories to Life, One Character at a Time

Planning a magical celebration in the heart of Colorado Springs? Dive into our blog post on “Characters for Hire in Colorado Springs,” your ultimate guide to creating enchanting moments for your child’s special day. Discover a spectrum of characters, from beloved superheroes to enchanting princesses, and unlock the secrets to orchestrating an extraordinary event that will leave lasting memories for your little one.

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Ella’s Charm Princess Parties

Ella’s Charm Princess Parties offers enchanting experiences for kids’ parties, bringing beloved fairy tale characters to life. With a team of talented performers, they transport children into magical worlds filled with wonder and excitement. From story time to sing-alongs, their interactive performances create unforgettable memories, making them the perfect choice for a truly royal celebration.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 785-249-0176

Areas: Colorado Springs, CO

Premier Princess Entertainment LLC

Premier Princess Entertainment LLC specializes in creating unforgettable moments for kids’ parties, offering a wide range of beloved characters to delight children of all ages. Their professional performers embody the essence of fairy tale royalty, captivating young imaginations with enchanting stories, interactive games, and magical experiences. With Premier Princess Entertainment, every celebration becomes a fairy tale come to life.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 719-301-9403

Areas: Colorado Springs, CO

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Clowning by Miss Kiddee & Friends

Clowning by Miss Kiddee & Friends brings joy and laughter to kids’ parties with their colorful characters and entertaining performances. Led by Miss Kiddee, a seasoned professional clown, their team delights children with whimsical antics, hilarious magic tricks, and interactive games. With their vibrant energy and comedic charm, they create unforgettable memories for birthday celebrations and special events.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 719-439-4508

Areas: Colorado Springs, CO

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