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Last updated:  November 6, 2023

Step into the great outdoors and let the celebration begin! Columbus, Ohio, is a treasure trove of outdoor party venues that promise sunshine, fresh air, and unforgettable memories. From picnics in scenic parks to splashing adventures at water parks, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the top outdoor party spots that will turn your child’s special day into an epic outdoor extravaganza. So, dust off your party hats, pack your sunscreen, and get ready for a wild and wonderful ride through the best outdoor party venues in Columbus!

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Highbanks Metro Park

Highbanks Metro Park in Columbus offers an enchanting outdoor setting for kids’ parties. With its lush greenery, scenic overlooks, and wildlife encounters, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. The park’s spacious picnic areas provide the perfect backdrop for themed celebrations, where children can explore, play, and enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors while making lasting memories.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus is a magical venue for kids’ parties. Amidst stunning gardens and greenery, children can embark on a botanical adventure. The venue offers unique and immersive experiences, from butterfly releases to plant-themed activities, creating a birthday celebration that’s both educational and enchanting. It’s where nature meets fun for unforgettable moments.

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Blendon Woods Metro Park

Blendon Woods Metro Park in Columbus is a fantastic choice for kids’ outdoor parties. With its diverse natural landscapes, including forests, wetlands, and a scenic pond, it offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Children can enjoy wildlife encounters, hiking trails, and interactive nature-themed activities, making it a perfect setting for nature-loving kids to celebrate their special day.

Zoombezi Bay

Zoombezi Bay in Columbus is the ultimate water park destination for kids’ summer birthday parties. With thrilling water rides, lazy rivers, and splash zones, it guarantees a day of aquatic adventure. Their party packages include reserved seating, food, and exclusive access to water attractions, ensuring a splashing good time for your child and their friends.

The Farm At Walnut Creek

The Farm at Walnut Creek offers a unique and memorable farm-themed birthday experience for kids. Located near Columbus, it features animal encounters, pony rides, and tractor-drawn wagon tours. Children can get up close with friendly farm animals and even feed them. With spacious outdoor areas and charming rural scenery, it’s an ideal setting for a fun and educational celebration.

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