We Recommend these Balloon Decor Providers in Dallas

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Last updated:  November 1, 2023

You won’t get into trouble for blowing up a balloon.

Because it’s everyone’s favourite inflatable – balloons! No one can be unhappy when they look at a balloon, which is why they’re such a party staple. We’ve found some pretty cool fellow ballonatics who love them so much they’ve created some arches, garlands, columns and other types of balloon-wows to make your event beautiful. Check out our guide for Balloon Decor in Dallas and let’s get poppin’!

Oh, and you might want to consider hiring a Yombu balloon entertainer to twist those balloons into works of art.

WOW Balloons

These stunning balloon garlands, walls, bouquets, mosaics and jumbos can be booked very easily on their website. Their process is clean and streamlined and they are very responsive. They’ll set up for you and make the most of your space and color scheme – plus they also have flower and sequined walls to accessorize with your balloons, as well as neon signs and backdrops.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 267 815 8253

Areas: Dallas, Tx

Balloons Everyday

Now wouldn’t that be something! You’d never be in a bad mood again. Make your party a happy day with the team from Balloons Everyday and their arches, sculptures, table decor, bouquets and variety of installations for indoor or outdoor events, by the pool, in the church hall, corporate events, or university functions. If you’ve used them, you generally want to go back. They deliver to any surrounding Dallas city.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 972 446 2464

Areas: Dallas, Tx

We Recommend these Balloon Decor Providers in Dallas Yombu Events
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Arrow Icon We Recommend these Balloon Decor Providers in Dallas Yombu Events

Balloon Therapy

Balloons really make people happy! Just ask Balloon Therapy. They cater to small or large events and some of their mega sized balloon structures will knock your socks off. Choose a pre-designed kit like Champagne or Fiesta, or customize your balloon decor – either way, their commitment to pulling off any creative balloon vision is what provides people with the happiness that only balloons can bring.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 855 677 7888

Areas: Dallas, Tx

Balloon Delivery Dallas

Get long-lasting quality balloons from Balloon Delivery Dallas. With kids themed bundles like pink and sweet, moon and stars, tropical, unicorns, Minnie, animals and spacemen, as well as delicate nudes, blacks and golds for bold pop and various room decor options like streamers, orbs and numbers to perfectly complement your theme, your party will be a stand out with these balloon installations.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 830 268 2345

Areas: Dallas, Tx

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