Our Favourite Kids Party Venues in Dallas

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Written by (Author):  Chanel Hoole
Last updated:  November 1, 2023

A special occasion needs a special venue. 

These days you don’t have to host your kid’s party at home, or at the local McDonald’s playroom anymore. Now there are a whole bunch of exciting, creative ways to get the kids engaged and having fun. Release their creativity with cooking, crafts, physical activity and games. We’ve compiled a guide with some of the great Kids Party Venues in Dallas where you can do just those things.

We hope that you find this list useful and if you like it enough,… Consider hiring Yombu’s amazing entertainment to make your party just a little bit extra special.

Dallas Party Cruises

Get in with the new kid on the block – game show battle rooms! Ideal for those who like to challenge their thinking and competitive spirit, but have fun at the same time, they will engage the kids in game shows like Survey Battles, Spin and Solve, What’s that Cost, MatchUp Wars, and Time Rush. They don’t offer food, only drinks, so be sure to find a place to eat afterwards. 

The Quixotic World Magical Event Space

If you want something a little offbeat and theatrical, and maybe just a tad spine chilling, the Quixotic World Magical Event Space is, in their own words, a ‘whimsically decorated event & performance space for offbeat parties, magic acts & art happenings.’ The ambiance is something truly unique and everything is decorated in red and black, with elaborate adornings and regal furniture.

Our Favourite Kids Party Venues in Dallas Yombu Events
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Kreative Kids Partyz

A transformative space that can be adapted to whichever party theme you choose. They have many options to choose from including pirates and mermaids, Star Wars, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Toy Story, Cars, Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, and loads more. Their packages include themed games, character party hosts, bounce houses, table decor, costumes for the kids, and music. Food is an additional cost. 

Safari Run

Started by a family with a love for fitness and helping children grow through nourishing their bodies, minds and spirits, Safari Run is a kids recreational center that offers various areas for physical activity that promote motor skills, balance, strength and confidence. They have slides, bridges, tunnels, mazes, a running track and climbing structures. Parents can chill in the parent lounge while the kids play in the play areas and enjoy their time in the private party room.

Pump It Up Dallas

Supersized slides and bouncers, an indoor playground and themes like Glow Mania and Bubble Bash. Let them capture your special party moment on camera at an additional charge. They will provide a set up private room with a throne for the birthday child and a gift, paper goods and party food servers. You can order pizza through their caterer.

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    1. Emma

      I love Safari Run! It’s the perfect place to celebrate your children’s birthday while they enjoy playing, jumping or climbing and they also provide food and cake for the party guests!