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Last updated:  December 20, 2023

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Step into the world of party planning with our guide to the best party shops in the vibrant city of Detroit! From decorations to themed accessories, these shops are a treasure trove for creating unforgettable celebrations. Whether you’re organizing a birthday bash, a festive gathering, or a special event, join us as we explore the top party shops in Detroit, where creativity meets convenience, making party planning a breeze for every occasion.

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Rosedale Party Store

Opening Hours – Open 24 hours / Closed, Sat

Rosedale Party Store in Detroit is a one-stop-shop for magical kids’ parties. Bursting with a wide range of decorations, themed accessories, and party favors, the store caters to every celebration need. Its friendly staff and extensive selection ensure a seamless party planning experience, making Rosedale Party Store the go-to destination for creating festive and memorable occasions.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 313-538-2929

Address:  18151 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48219, United States

Fair Party Store

Opening Hours – 9am -10pm, Mon-Sun

Fair Party Store in Detroit is a haven for kids’ party essentials, offering a delightful array of decorations, balloons, and themed accessories. With a diverse selection and affordable options, the store makes party planning a breeze. The friendly staff ensures a pleasant shopping experience, making Fair Party Store the perfect destination for creating festive and joyous celebrations.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 313-921-5757

Address: 6541 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207, United States

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Star Lite Party Store

Opening Hours – 9am -10pm, Mon-Sun

Star Lite Party Store in Detroit shines as a go-to destination for kids’ parties. With a vibrant selection of decorations, balloons, and themed accessories, the store brings creativity to life. Its diverse range and budget-friendly options make party planning enjoyable. The helpful staff and festive atmosphere at Star Lite Party Store ensure a delightful shopping experience for every celebration.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 313-861-8220

Address: 10544 Fenkell Ave #2, Detroit, MI 48238, United States

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